Bad games don't have to be an option when looking at titles for kids

Nothing can ruin a kid's Christmas faster than Aunt Beth giving you a copy of Shaq Fu when you asked for Mortal Kombat. It used to be harder to find good games that were still kid-appropriate, but with the dawn of the Information Age, consumers can be smart shoppers far easier than in days past.

Don't let Shaq Fu happen to you or someone that you love.

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r3f1cul1189d ago

practically any lego game is awesome... just in general IMO and its very young age oriented for the most part but also still has that adult appeal with all the characters and stuff, i always used to shrug off the lego series until mid last year when i tried the star wars versions... been hooked ever since

EyePawd1189d ago

I really like the LEGO games for that very reason. I would have had Jurassic World on my list, but I actually reviewed it for The Blade earlier in the year. :)

I'm looking forward to reviewing LEGO Dimensions.

ChronoJoe1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

I really dislike the Lego games, largely because they're far too easy. What's the harm in challenging a child? I don't understand why those games respawn you where you stand.

The lack of difficulty means it doesn't have to be well designed either, combat doesn't need to be balanced or well considered because it doesn't matter if it's not. You brush any damage off and keep going.

I would say Skylanders, Disney Infinity, LittleBigPlanet, Tearaway Mario and Rayman games are much better options for kids.

EyePawd1189d ago

Well, not everyone wants a challenging game. It's that simple. There are plenty of options for games with a challenge curve, but very few on console that cater to people that just want to sit down and play a game.

Just because it's a game doesn't mean it needs to have a built-in barrier of resistance.

ChronoJoe1188d ago

I didn't say I wanted it to be challenging. I just wanted their to be a fail condition. It's hard to stay engaged when you can't fail, and most of the kids I have played it with tend to doze off lose attention very quickly in comparison to when we play Skylanders or similar games.

If I did want it to be challenging, though. I do not think it would be harmful to expose children to a moderate level of challenge. I think it's nice if children get something from the experience other than pure entertainment, and dealing with adversity is certainly an important lesson. The lego games instill the opposite however.

vikingland11189d ago

Disney infinity 3.0 has me interested. Mostly for co op with the wife (she does'nt play the adult games).

EyePawd1189d ago

I can attest with my own wife that 3.0 is great for multiplayer. The story-based playsets, especially.

However, just dropping a few people in the toybox and screwing around with building things is a great time-sink.

vikingland11189d ago

I guess you said it better than I did, when I said my wife doesn't play adult games I should've said she doesn't like games that are too challenging.