5 Ways the Creatures Stay Creepy in SOMA on PS4

By: Thomas Grip // Frictional Games
SOMA, our new sci-fi horror game, will be released at the end of September. That’s pretty soon, so I think I’d like to talk a bit about our monsters up front. Before getting into specifics, here’s a brand new trailer showing off some of the creatures that you’ll encounter:

When creating SOMA we wanted to try to make our encounters really disturbing. To do this our goal has been to trigger the player’s imagination in the right way. In horror games the most important thing is not what is seen, but what happens in the player’s mind. The player will always be able to conjure up far worse things in their imagination than we can do with polygons.

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SolidGear31163d ago

Getting this immediately :3

Kingdomcome2471163d ago

This looks so amazing. The visual quality is light years ahead of the other games that they've made as well. Bioshock, mixed with The Sphere, and the claustrophic environments of Dead Space 1. Really looks good.

FallenAngel19841163d ago

So many awesome horror games this year, especially on PS4

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