Destiny: How The Taken King Adds Roles To Strikes

Clipping Error discuss how they think The Taken King is improving Strikes in Destiny by adding roles to them. Previously all Strikes have been paths to a bullet-sponge boss, disappointing efforts at best. Now however, a fireteam needs to think about how they will attack a Strike, who will play which role, and whether or not they are equipped to take on the role the team has assigned them.

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Septic1163d ago

Ah see I like this. Breaks the monotony of the grind. If they had more cooperative roles that would be great too, like I dunno, juggling some artifacts between players etc. You know, proper teamwork beyond spamming bullets and projectiles etc.

kaizokuspy1163d ago

Exactly, like how some parts of the raids are. Definitely an improvement. I bought it recently on ps4 the day of the big update and the changes they have made are pulling me back in. Thank god we have fallout 4 coming soon to pull me out again. I spent too much time on destiny on 360 as it were.

GrimDragon1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

I did two new strikes the cabal tower and the vault of glass they were pretty cool. Not sure how these other strikes from ttk will work if it's integrated into matchmaking being as how a lot of gamers don't seem to want to use mics. But iam guessing these will be like Crota and vog raids no matchmaking.

JWiLL5521163d ago

Um, do you mean the Psion Flayers strike that was PS4 exclusive before with the 3 bosses?

And Vault of Glass is the first raid, not a strike. It's the best PVE content in the game though with a good team.

GrimDragon1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

No it was in the strike playlist. One in the cabal tower where you make your way to the roof to fight a boss while ghost hacks a computer you have to keep them from killing ghost. The other was on the vault of glass level where you fight your way inside to kill the mindflayer robot. This was on the xbone not ps4

JWiLL5521162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )


The second one you're describing is "Undying Mind" which is a strike in the Black Garden, not Vault of Glass. That was a PS exclusive strike.

There's no part of the game where you have to "keep them from killing Ghost". Not in any strike or mission. It sounds like you're talking about the Flayers strike but that's not what happens. That was also a PS exclusive.

Those are both now available for the first time on X1 as of last Tuesday. It's not new content though.

GrimDragon1160d ago

Ah ok thx for the clarification. Yeah they were a refreshing change and fun.