Is Kojima teasing an MGS V announcement for tomorrow?

It wouldn’t be a Metal Gear Solid launch without a few conspiracy theories chucked into the mix, would it?

Speculation is beginning to circulate regarding a MGS V related announcement coming tomorrow, September 11. And in typical Kojima style, it requires you to leave your scepticism at the door.

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BigBosss1069d ago

It's not metal gear without Kojima

MoveTheGlow1069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )

He's definitely unabashed in his love of Nineteen Eighty-Four. Diamond Dogs is a reference to the Bowie album inspired by the novel, which makes that tweet especially referential. He actually wanted to start the game with the tune "Diamond Dogs" and the idea was shot down.

(Please let this be an announcement that the deleted scene that supposedly ties up the story's loose ends is going to be produced...)

The_Anomaly_1069d ago

Probably a single player expansion pack

SolidGear31069d ago

Solid Snake Vs. Big Boss

Snakefist301068d ago

More like playing as the real Big Boss!!

81BX1068d ago

Expansion pack??? I hope not, they haven't even released the full game.

felix8241069d ago

I love the research. 9/11 on Kojima's phone. Gasp! All MP3 players put the date right in the middle of it. It couldn't be that the song is the 9th song out of 11 on the album (which it is).

thesmiteking1069d ago

Fair point. Of course, that's one of many strands of the theory.

flyingwombat331069d ago

I thought the same thing. Kind of really obvious when you think about it.

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The story is too old to be commented.