'Overwatch' Is The Most Exciting Thing Blizzard's Done In Years

Forbes: "Saying the game is fast paced is an understatement punctuated by bullets. Players run, leap, teleport out of thin air guns blazing and hammers swinging. The demos I’ve played haven’t just achieved the coveted 30 seconds of fun, they’ve held it captive."

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Roccetarius1162d ago

The most shocking thing is, that it's not a game relying on their established IP's. Activision(Blizzard) has been dependant on them for so long, that i would be surprised if they can develop a new quality game.

3-4-51162d ago

Been waiting to try this out for a long time now.

NiteX1162d ago

If you really like FPS online games sure.

pompombrum1162d ago

I'm really looking forward to Overwatch but it's visual style is getting way too overused now for my liking. I'm more interested in Cliffy B's game, don't like the guy personally but he knows his shooters and the game is already looking great.

FlexLuger1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

I hope its good. I like the art style. I like FPS . I love online gaming. Just be a damn good game. thats all it takes for me to buy.

MilkMan1162d ago

Is Blizzard still around?

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