Ninja Theory Starts Production of Hellblade for PS4 and PC "Afresh;" Moving On Into Full Production

During Gamescom, Ninja Theory showcased a “vertical slice” demo of its upcoming Game Hellblade for PS4 and PC. Apparently it wasn’t good enough for the developer, that retired it, but remains committed to its concept of open development.

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supergravity1164d ago

That's encouraging. I'm really looking forward to it. I had so much fun with Heavenly Sword. The production values were top-notch and the controls were tight. Never got how it was considered a negative to be modelled after GOW...

Abriael1164d ago

I just hope they keep the idea behind the combat mechanics. It was a bit slow, but much more technical than the usual hack and slash, and when I tried it I had a lot of fun.

poppinslops1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

Aside from the camera's positioning and the clunky animation, the combat does appear to require some finesse... looks to me like it's somewhere between 'For Honor' and 'Ryse', in terms of complexity.

The rest of the game looks great - the mental illness angle gives Senua (and by extension, everyone else) a real intensity... I'm pretty sure she's voiced by the same actress who played Yennefer in 'Wild Hunt' and Andy Serkis plays her 'head in a bag' companion - here's hoping they're both staying in the game.

Ultimately this is good news - I thought that demo was indicitive of a game that was well on it's way to a release date, but it sounds as though it's still a ways off, so we'll likely end up getting a much more polished product... unfortunately, any graphical upgrades will likely eliminate any chance of my laptop ever running it.

Then again, DX12 is coming... Has there been any word as to which is the lead platform?

Repjaws1164d ago

Is this also coming out on the Xbox one?

Abriael1164d ago

Announced only for PS4 and PC.

Kurisu1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

I thought that this was a timed PS4 / PC exclusive?

EDIT: And was this confirmed as a digital only title? I'd really like to have a physical version of this game.

Abriael1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

@Kurisu: they actually didn't say anything about timed or not timed AFAIK. They just announced PS4 and PC for now.

fermcr1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

It's timed exclusive for PC/PS4.

Eiyuuou1164d ago

It guaranteed a PC release, but Xbox isn't mentioned. Can go both ways.

uth111164d ago

I'm confused what they are trying to say, will this be delayed?

Abriael1164d ago

They said that they retired the demo shown at gamescom since it was just a bunch of ideas to prove a concept, and have now moved into full production.

They said nothing about delays.

1164d ago
MilkMan1164d ago

Lots of work to do bro, get to it.

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