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I am a huge fan of the Metal Gear series and desperately wanted to love Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain but I have to admit to being turned off by the whole affair. The first five hours of gameplay were great, exploring the open world and building Mother Base was thrilling, but after that, it grew tiresome and became a grind. Performance issues with the frame rate kept pulling me out of the moment and long lasting server issues mean I have been unable to play the multiplayer at all. I had hoped that Hideo Kojima’s final Metal Gear game would wrap up the franchise nicely but instead we have a disjointed and unfinished plot. With only three real “boss battles”, most of the gameplay comes down to a formulaic method of “approach, survey, shoot”. And that just isn’t Metal Gear to me. The franchise ends, not with a bang, but a whimper, and that might just be the saddest piece of gaming news I have ever heard.

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seanpitt231167d ago

I totally agree it's not a metal gear solid game as I knew it and I have played them all apart from peace walker. The gameplay is good but the lack of story and direction is killing it for me just loads of missions and occasional boss battles I think a 8 is about right not the 10s I have been seeing.

Two-Face1167d ago

Judge the game for what it is... not what you WANT it to be.

It's a really good open world game.

Gatsu1167d ago

I couldn't have said it any better.

KONAAs1167d ago

this game is like rising has the metal gear name but feel completly different, not once have i felt the urge to judge my shots like in othe rmetalgear games always plenty of amo

goldwyncq1167d ago

Playing PW is essential before touching MGSV.

Name Last Name1167d ago

Right. You can't really understand Miller's despair over everything they lost until you see it in PW. Also, how important Paz was to everything up to GZ.

LightofDarkness1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

MGS V and PW are very similar, you can tell MGS V is a sort of "do-over" of Peace Walker (which Kojima previously called "the MGS V he wishes he could make"). PW was meant to attract a younger audience (PSP had a huge teen demographic due to Monster Hunter), so it stripped back a lot of the more mature themes that they originally wanted to include.

MGS V basically has you rebuild the work carried out in PW, but has a darker, more unsettling tone and story, and the events of PW are kind of erased in GZ to pave the way for V.

I think it's the best game so far in the series. It absolutely has the best gameplay (even if it borrows a bit from Splinter Cell: Black List), and I like the fact that I get to actually PLAY it a lot. MGS 4 had about 6-7 hours of gameplay in the first run. This game has dozens, and it remains fun throughout.

Often, the best and most memorable stories in games are those you make yourself. That crazy thing you did to complete a mission or recruit someone. It's an open world game: spoon-feeding you campy story bits by wrestling control from the player every 10 minutes would be infuriating.

I'm glad he didn't listen to the naysayers and the "old ways were better" crowd, I've gotten my GOTY thus far out of it.

EDIT: the one thing I'll agree with the author on is about Bloodborne. The game's open world was so incredibly varied and cleverly designed that it stands head and shoulders above any other. TPP though plays out in the real world, so creating something so fantastical and varied in one cohesive area would be somewhat immersion breaking.

Get_A_Job_Foxtrot1167d ago

Dude Peace Walker was a major set up for this game. Not playing Peace Walker is exactly WHY you were unprepared for the changes in the series. The changes are necessary because of the massive legend behind Big Boss and Miller (him having a Global Impact and controlling a powerful army while obtaining Nukes). A story that massive could not be told in the linear fashion of the Solid Snake stories. Solid Snake was undoing the patriots, Big Boss is supposedly bigger than all of these things combined. So it needed a convincing narrative and gameplay element (like Mother Base) to tell this story. You MUST play Peace Walker if you want a transition from traditional MGS to MGS V. If you don't, then do not complain. MGS V had to be as massive in scope as it was in order to wrap the story up.

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goldwyncq1167d ago

This game doesn't deserve anything below a 9 in my opinion. People should stop judging games as sequels, but rather as separate games on their own.

Neixus1167d ago

Exactly my thoughts, and probably Kojima's thoughts aswell.

He said this on twitter ''Stop calling MGSV for the 5th in the series, it's V, not 5''

WellyUK1167d ago

For me it does, it's an 8/10 tops. Why? The main missions and side ops are repetitive, your either rescuing hostages or blowing something up ( You can't smash games down for this then praise one that also does it). The open world is boring to say the least, a few sheep and guards in town or outposts. Stealth isn't that great on it either considering your just crawling every where when ever your doing stealth. AI can barely see you up close but then some how see you crouching 100+m away in the dark.

It is however a good game, it's 100% worth buying but it doesn't do anything special or new. It's just a Third person shooter in an open world setting that it doesn't really need as it's so uninteresting to be in and always seems to funnel you into a linear area for main missions.

goldwyncq1167d ago

The objectives might be repetitive, but the sheer number of ways you could go around executing those objectives is what puts it above other open world games. Most open world games have very specific mission objectives which have to be followed thoroughly, leaving no room for improvisation when things go wrong. Phantom Pain isn't like that. Getting spotted by the enemy doesn't mean instant failure on the player's part. Each mission gives you one main objective and that's that. How you accomplish it is entirely up to you.

As for the stealth, it's not just about crawling and crouching. The game actively encourages you to use diversions such as decoys and explosives. There's enough variety to keep the game from getting stale.

So yeah, for me this game is a masterpiece and is a must buy for every gamers out there, not just fans of the series.

WellyUK1167d ago

"but the sheer number of ways you could go around executing those objectives is what puts it above other open world games."

Ye but your still doing the same thing and your doing every mission or side op, it's making you think your doing something different when you actually aren't doing anything different at all.

"Most open world games have very specific mission objectives which have to be followed thoroughly, leaving no room for improvisation when things go wrong."

Yes but if your aiming for S rank then getting spotted will reduce the score and may cause you to have an A instead, so improvisation will most likely ruin your score, once again it's just hiding the fact that your meant to do it stealth and it's how THEY want you to do it if you want top rank to get the most GMP.

I agree it is worth buying but it does NOTHING new or interesting that makes it stand above any other open world games.

Genova841167d ago

Framerate issues? Sounds like a personal problem.

Unoriginalplayer1167d ago

I'm not sure about the frame rate remark....playing on console and have no issues at all even when all hell is breaking loose. I can see how it can become somewhat of a grind especially with side ops when you complete a Extract a Highly Skilled Soldier 01 and next thing you know you are on Extract Highly Skilled Soldier 07. I'm not a die hard MGS fan at all but I am having a blast with the game even if I don't really know what the heck is going on!

skulz71167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

The game is fantastic, but I don't think it warrants a 10 like most reviewers have givenc it as there are some problems. I'd give it a 9-9.5.

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