Possible New Vanillaware Game for PS4/PS Vita and "LEXUS" for PS4/PS3 Leaked By Sega's TGS Page

Two games for PS4 and PS Vita and for PS4 and PS3 have been leaked by Sega's TGS web page in the source code.

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italiangamer1104d ago

Vanillaware games are amazing, gotta love that PSVITA support from japanese developers!

Abriael1104d ago

Yep. If it's half as good as Dragon's Crown, I'm sold.

bouzebbal1104d ago

Vanillaware, Odin Sphere creators? Of course i want!!!

ZaWarudo1104d ago

Yes! more Vanillaware on Vita!

Abriael1104d ago

I'll take their games on any platform (besides mobile, better not jinx that).

1104d ago
il-JumperMT1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

I instabuy any Collector Edition from Vanillaware!

I love their cross platform support. I bought Dragon's Crown on PS Vita and PS3.

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