Tearaway Unfolded: Use a video game to get your kids into papercrafting

Tearaway Unfolded is available exclusively on PS4, and not only does it inspire your creativity in game, it also has a whole world of creation outside of the game that you can take full advantage of. Set in a world made entirely of paper, the game sees Iota, a paper hero, venture through the breathtaking world of Tearaway as he tries to stop the evil in the world that is turning the once beautiful and vibrant sheets of paper, into drab newspaper print. There is a fantastic “extra” feature for adults and kids alike that will give you all the fun in game with an added real life paper crafting aspect. Kids of all ages will love how much fun they can have working with mom to create physical items.

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IamTylerDurden11165d ago

Awesome game on PS4, i want to build papercrafts.