One Year On: Driveclub Year Review

In the coming weeks Sony’s flagship racer will be one year old. And what an indifferent year it’s been.

The game made by Evolution studios was in production for a long time and was supposed to be a launch title for the PS4 but delay after delay pushed it’s release back by a staggering 11 months.

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IRetrouk1167d ago

Nice, you managed to get a shot of the lightening, love the way each flash lights up the track for a brief second especially on a night time section. Good round up of the improvements although a bit more detail on the changes would have been good. At least you have played it. Most on here that mention the game have never touched it.

Abnor_Mal1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

Driveclub is a great game with a great selection of tracks and cars. I personally do not need hundreds of cars to choose from, as i will not drive all of them. I pick a few cars I like and then I try to master the car for the track that I picked it for. That way Im familiar with how the car handles going in and out of turns.

Customization is not missed in my book, as I am not a gearhead and know nothing about cars, other than they go vroom vroom zoom zoom. Never used customization in GT or NFS, but I do understand how a lot of people would of liked to have the option to "tinker" with their cars.

I haven't tried the online yet as im still refining my "skills", so i can't speak about it personally, but i hear its good. I don't use hyperboles so please do not think Im trashing it.

When I first tried the game I was a bit surprised by the sense of speed i got from a 30fps racing game. I sure it would of looked even better at 60fps but its not and 30fps is fine.

The games graphics are very nice and every thing looks real and not cartoony. The spectators, the trees, the clouds, the lightning, the fireworks all looks really well done. The weather update added a bit more difficulty to the races. I like to set the weather to light percipitation and drift for a better score as its easier to let get some of the cars to drift which for me raises my score.

Im really tempted to buy the season pass for the game and it would be the first time every I bought a season pass for a game.

Im very please with the game and hope that Evolution Studios continue to support the game with more varied locations and cars. Add in some rally races even some bikes and buggies, basically add some motorstorm tracks and vechiles and I'm good. All in all a very great game from a great development studio.

*Edited for grammer

IRetrouk1167d ago

I dont get why you are getting so many disagrees. The majority of what you said was bang on the money. And yes you should deff buy the season pass if you play the game a good bit. Well worth the money.

Abnor_Mal1167d ago

Why am I getting disagrees? I dont know maybe what i said doesnt sit well with some people. Probably cause i said that I dont need hundreds of cars, maybe because I said I'm not into car customization? Could be because i said that the game plays well at 30fps, or cause I said cars go vroom vroom zoom zoom. To some people that may have been offensive lol idk.

I'm going to go with the believe the disagrees came from me sayiing edited for "grammer" spelling grammar wrong, which is ironic in itself. Cant please everyone and I honestly wasn't trying to.

iceman061167d ago

Agree with everything that you said. This game was never meant to be a hardcore sim. It was always the goal of the devs to try to create a more authentic feeling arcade racer and showcase what the PS4 is capable of. In that regard, DriveClub is a success. I was not an initial adopter of the game. I waited until it had a temporary price drop to $20 before I picked it up. However, I can't say that I would have been upset buying the game at full price. (not day one, of course, then I can understand people being upset) Now, if they could just drop the price of that season pass stateside, I'd be a happy camper.

biomarvel1167d ago

I bought the game when it first came out, and i wasnt the end of the day the game was always meant to develop after it was released, with the dlc add-ons and all. I havent picked up the season pass, purely because i dont know if i will be playing the game loads over the coming months with all the other games due out between now and the end of the year, but it will always bring me back to its pretty visuals, and fun gameplay!

Imortus_san1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

Remains an average racer, invented tracks are ok, but the absurd weak selection of cars and costumizations plus the bad AI just make it boring.
Also the fact that retail is selling a beta, since when you first connect to the internet you have hours of downloads ahead of you.

biomarvel1167d ago

I see your points to a certain extent, however the selection of cars is far from weak, the game has a large number of cars to select, yes its not in the realms of Gran Turismo, but what is these days. You do not need customisation on a racing game to make it good. This is an arcade racer, not a sim like Project Cars, or a modifiers dream like The Crew. The AI is challenging, its not bad at all. They are aggressive but fair. and retail selling a beta...this is just crazy talk....The reason that you have to download game data is because the game is large it needs to be compressed, and with that comes data corruption, so to prevent this the game connects to a server and then download the uncompressed game data so that it works first time.

Its not all doom and gloom!

IRetrouk1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

With those statments it sounds like you have not played the game. But if you have send me your psn id and i can send ya some challanges.

Imortus_san1167d ago

Sorry, I got ride of it long ago, to bad for my tastes, my PSN ID is the same as my name on the site.

"The reason that you have to download game data is because the game is large it needs to be compressed, and with that comes data corruption, so to prevent this the game connects to a server and then download the uncompressed game data so that it works first time"
- What????? The game downloads new AI, weather system, a couple of more cars, a a mega ton of fixes for online and some textures, nothing to do with what you are saying.

Plus a racing game with 60 cars, no japanese cars, way to easy, bumpy AI all the way, anti competetive game since when you cut corners you get a timer penalty not leting you acelarate, all this translates to average racer at best.

IRetrouk1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

You deff have not played it since the update, those all just sound like a review i read, problem for me is that the ai are fine, there were more than 60 cars, i take it you didnt like pgr very much then?

iceman061167d ago

I think that your expectations and/or standards might have been too high for this game. Either that, or you are being a bit hyper critical, IMO. The tracks are a decent combination of circuits and tracks with alternate versions. The selection of cars is about 70 strong which, for an arcade racer, is fairly decent. (I WILL give it to you that it should have contained some Japanese cars!) The "bad" AI isn't as bad as perceived. They just have the tendency to try to stick to the idea line as much as possible. That doesn't mean that they never alter their path. (plenty of YouTube vids show how they move to avoid traffic) They are pretty aggressive and will bump the hell out of you. That, IMO, doesn't translate to "boring". Maybe cheap, but not "boring". The corner cutting penalty system is not unique to this game. You find it in a lot of racing games. As for the releasing as a it didn't. It released in a product that was improved later with suggestions from the community and things that the devs had slated for the original release.
I can't say that it's the BEST racer that I've played. (likely the best LOOKING!) But, for a first attempt at this type of racer, I think Evolution Studios did a good job. At release, I probably would have given it a lower score because the online stuff was just not working. However, since then it's a solid 7.5 to 8 in my opinion. The racing is solid if you can come to grips with the idea that it is not quite sim and not quite arcade in terms of handling. The challenge system is a unique way of keeping you engaged. Plus, adding the online leaderboard stuff reminds me of SSX. For the price that it is now, I don't see how it wouldn't be at least worth a try. But, again, this is my opinion.

badz1491166d ago

I am still playing it regularly and is waiting for them to unlock the elite lvl 76+.

got it at launch midnight and has been entertained ever since! no racing game has kept me playing for this long before and I don't see a reason to stop playing just yet. the challenges are plenty, online is a blast and more elite levels are coming too.

one year on and it's still literally the best looking racer out there, the weather and its effects are second to none, the controls are tight and more importantly, it's fun offline and more so online!

Evo and Sony have done a spectacular job with DC IMO and I can't wait for their next updates and hopefully their next big game! MOTORSTORM PLEASE!!


Completely agree. Never was really into racing games except road rash, test drive, and motorstorm. Liked GT but wasn't hardcore enough for it. This game is just a perfect blend. I just want more locations like grand Canyon or Yellowstone or wherever doesnt matter and some more American cars. I have the season pass and totally worth it. Like others have said I'm in the same boat never have bought A season pass before except killzone shadowfall. This was worth it. Why people cling to the debacle of said launch is beyond me. It was for a few weeks and fixed. Smooth ever since. Oh was it the promised plus edition that came as expected and what they promised, not some full game that for some reason people thought it was going to be. Just don't get the hate for a truly engaging racing game.

biomarvel1166d ago

Love this comment, i think people dont understand the gaming industry and its many problems that can come from a large amount of people having their game.

I bought this from day one, and have gone back to it time and time again, its great fun. If you want a serious racer then go and play Project Cars, this is a no nonsense arcade style racer.

Not to mention it looks amazing!