Final Fantasy XIII: This generation's Final Fantasy VII

GE writes: "Now, here is where things take a turn, and I’m probably going to get shot, beaten, and murdered for uttering these words, but here we go…Final Fantasy XIII is the Final Fantasy VII of the new generation; making it the second most polarizing game within the FF community! Now, I ask you to hear me out as to why I say such an atrocious fallacy."

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DarkOcelet1108d ago

I really think FFXV will be the most polarizing since its going to be the first seamless huge open world FF game. And that will be a game changer.

Magicite1108d ago

Hopefully FF15 will be next years Witcher 3.

DarkOcelet1108d ago

Also we have Horizon and Dark Souls 3 next year.

Its gonna be a huge competition in the RPG genre.

kalkano1108d ago

I agree that it'll be the most polarizing. But, you think it's because of the open-world? I can't imagine many people will be opposed to that.

It's the fact that it's an ARPG that makes it polarizing.

Magicite1108d ago

Nonsense, I cant imagine FF15 being turn-based, its way too outdated.
Besides name me one turn-based game that has got plenty of game awards lately.

kalkano1108d ago

We've been over this a million times. If turn-based is outdated, then so is action. And, name me one AAA turn-based game lately.

Logical fallacies. Logical fallacies. Logical fallacies.

pivotplease1107d ago

Actually...even newer games like No No Kimi and Child of Light have been turn based and have received critical acclaim. Other games like DA use a pseudo-MMO battle system that technically still falls into a style of turn based combat. The only real difference is that were auto-attacking now which I hate. Completely kills the immersion and makes the game feel like it's playing itself. In reality, auto-attack was just invented to avoid latency online and to cover up something mundane with something almost as mundane. This is why games like Demon Souls, Monster Hunter, and Kingdom Hearts are a hundred times better when it comes to ARPG combat.

Spotie1107d ago

It's only polarizing cuz people like you believe arpgs are some sort of scourge on the genre, kalkano. I think most rpg fans are capable of enjoying both.

kalkano1107d ago

Oh, good, Spotie's stalking me more.

I'm plenty capable of enjoying both. Unfortunately, we're not getting much of both. We get 95% ARPGs, except for some tiny-budget games (and, yes, of course that matters).

Spotie1106d ago

Stalking you? I came here for the FF talk. Just so happens I was unfortunate enough to run across your nonsense. Again.

As for there not being any turn-based jrpgs being made, aren't both Persona and Disgaea releasing this year? Omega Quintet came out this year, the previously mentioned Child of Light and Ni no Kuni did very well. The Neptunia franchise is crazy popular. Dragon Quest remains highly regarded and successful. There's a SaGa game slated for the Vita soon. New Fire Emblem, Atelier, Summon Knight, Legend of the Heroes, Etrian Odyssey and plenty more on the way.

Do you have something against all these games and franchises? Will you come up with a dozen reasons for why they don't count?

Maybe turn-based titles aren't exactly what you want and getting the recognition you want, but they're not dead, either.

kalkano1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

Congrats on pointing out some of the tiny-budget games I was talking about. The only respectable one is Persona 5 (mid-tier). And Ni No Kuni was not turn-based, unless you're referring to the handheld version (which, again, was a tiny budget).

Edit: Trails of Cold Steel also looks respectable. So, a whole two mid-tier games for the first time in years. Meanwhile, how are you enjoying AAA ARPG #9999?

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-Gespenst-1108d ago

Strongly disagree, but I do like the XIII trilogy. Lightning Returns is really cool, I just wish it had more in it - it felt foreshortened.

5yb5n6u1108d ago

article said
"Now, here is where things take a turn, and I’m probably going to get shot, beaten, and murdered for uttering these words,"

No, you will not, you will get your clicks and your money.

G3n3raL861108d ago

XIII this gen's VII? Plz...

WoshJills1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

Did you read the article?

The writer is recognizing that 13 ushered in HD gaming just like 7 ushered in 3D gaming for the Final Fantasy franchise.

So yes -- it's not a subjective statement about quality, but an objective statement of fact.

FF7 : 3D :: FF13 : HD

It's a valid statement.

Army_of_Darkness1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

@wosh??? Just cause it's the first FF game to go HD you seriously think it deserves to be in the same room as ff7, let alone in the same sentence?! Lol! Every game that hit on last gen consoles were in HD!
FF13 will never be on the same level as FF7 no matter how much games they create that's built within that lame ff13 world.

pivotplease1107d ago

It's just a deceptive statement to make you think something else and take in the clicks. It's like saying Dragon Age Inquisition is this generation's Skyrim because they both have an emphasis on dragons. Basically a bs connection that no one would care to make unless they could spin it into something for hits and ad revenue.

Ocsta1108d ago

Them must be some powerful drugs.

Magicite1108d ago

probably previous gen's?

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