NHL16 Early Access Now Available on Xbox One

NHL16 is now available to Xbox One Owners via EA Access.

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Cy1164d ago

Early Access implies you're paying for an unfinished game. EA Access is a free six hour rental. Two totally different things.

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user99502791164d ago

ohhh very cool. TBH I got way less play out of NHL15 then I expected, so probably wont be grabbing 16. But will give it a try anyways, maybe I'll change my mind after 10 hrs.

JLynn9431164d ago

NHL15 was a slap in the face with how many features were taken away. This one sounds like they've added them back in for the most part, so it should be better hopefully...

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JLynn9431164d ago

The gameplay was good and undoubtedly more realistic.

I understand they completely revamped everything for the new console generation, but it was bare-bones. There were some extremely basic functions and features that were missing and were never added in, and some other decisions that made modes practically unplayable (Be a Pro without skipping to next shift, I'm looking at you). EA made it sound as if a lot of the features would be added in the months after its release, but it was not nearly enough. I was back to NHL14 within a month or two.