Until Dawn's Emily Deserves Life

We can all agree that Emily in Until Dawn is a handful.

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Thatguy-3101162d ago

Would have liked if her character was a likable bitch. But she was clearly just an obnoxious one. I did care for her while playing as her but they just made her unlikable lol

AquarianKing1162d ago

And you killed her off didn't you

Thatguy-3101162d ago

Nah I actually didn't. As much as I hate her. When I control a character I feel like I have to keep then alive no matter my feeling towards them.

itsjustexuma1162d ago

I think that was the point, Sam was the fearless one in the group, Chris was the funny one, Josh was the depressed one, Emily the selfish one, Mike the flirter, Jess the sensible one, Matt the one everyone uses and Ashley the scared one

SolidGear31162d ago

Just to get all the trophies which is what I'm currently doing :D

timmyp531162d ago

Worse than Jess in my eyes lol.

timmyp531162d ago

Loveable & a meathead but in all the right ways.

Cy1162d ago

Most unlikeable character I've ever come across in a video game. She was even worse because of how she treated Matt, who is easily the most likeable character in the game. He's such a sweetie, and he deserved so much better than that bitch.