Dreamcast's super sweet 16: Looking back at Sega's final console

Sixteen years ago today, Sega made history with the launch of its Dreamcast video game console, selling more than 225,000 units and setting a Guinness World Record for most revenue generated in the entertainment industry in 24 hours.

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pelenow1167d ago

I always forget the DC and PS launched exactly 4 years apart.

rmw2hot1167d ago

Dreamcast will always be my all time favorite console.

Paytaa1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

Although my favorite console is probably the original Xbox, the Dreamcast was my first actual array into gaming and I have so many memories playing it. Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, Crazy Taxi, Expendable: Millennium Soldier, and Hydro Thunder are embedded in my childhood. I still dream about if Sega ever came back into the console business with a good direction. I know I'd be the first in line.

_-EDMIX-_1167d ago

Dreamcast is a personal favorite, though one of my favorites ie number 1 would be the PS2, Dreamcast is a HUGE personal favorite, I couldn't give it the number 1 spot for many reasons.

Dead Or Alive

Crazy Taxi

Resident Evil Code Veronica (last best RE done in the old survival format)

Skies Of Arcadia


House Of The Dead

Power Stone

Marvel VS Capcom series

Both Sonic Adventures (though I feel this is the beginning of the end for the Sonic series sorta like RE4, good but not in the traditional sense, in its own right though)

Dreamcast is the perfect example that exclusives can't just sell systems, 3rd party support very much needs to happen, look at Dreamcast amazing line up, all for nothing if you factor in they didn't have open support by all publishers.

This and MGSV's sales on PS4 very much show that having a lot of games by 3rd party will help you many times better then even just exclusively having content. 3rd parties can afford to make some of the best content and that lack of support can kill a system ala Dreamcast, Gamecube, Wii U etc.

But Sega didn't survive that lost (in terms of making consoles) they are still one of my favorite Japanese developers and publishers.

I buy at least 6 to 7 Sega games a gen and this gen will be no different, already got Aliens Isolation, getting Persona 5 day 1.

Also we still got a hit out on Peter Moore lol

Inzo1167d ago

I have always been a huge supporter of Sony, ever since the PS1 but I was also a big supporter of Sega's consoles, I had the Mega Drive, Master System and the Dream Cast and I can tell you this, if Sega was to ever enter the console business again I will not hesitate to support them.

Rookie_Monster1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

I think to this day, it has the best launch lineup of all time. Sonic Adventure, Soul Calibur, Power Stones, The House of the Dead 2, NFL 2K, Tokyo Xtreme Racer, Ready 2 Rumble Boxing are great titles that are hard for any consol before or after to match TBH.

Those memories lives on on my Phone with emulation and currently playing Skies of Arcadia.

CDbiggen1167d ago

Can reicast do that now?? How well does it run?

Rookie_Monster1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

It runs like 100% on my Galaxy Note 4 with reicast. I tried many games and they all ran flawlessly. Note, you have to run the games on your internal phone storage and the external micro SD card are a bit slower and will affect framerate (maybe my card is slow). I guess it depends on your phone and how powerful it is.

Also, make sure you have blue tooth controller as the virtual touch pad is garbage.

kickerz1167d ago

Loved sega. dreamcast was my all time favorite console and I've had quite a few. Back then I only had part time work at a fruit store. I was on $5 an hour so had to work 100 hrs sorting through rotten potatoes and onions.... But it was totally worth it. :D soul caliber.. Crazy taxi .. Sonic adventure.... Power stone wars ...just to name a few. Ahhh the memories ..

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