Why Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection Could Be The Greatest Remastered Collection So Far

ThisGenGaming says "The Nathan Drake Collection is set to possibly be the greatest of the HD/Remastered collections that have been so popular throughout the current generation of consoles, possibly even rivaling The Master Chief Collection due to the sheer quality of the games contained within. The Nathan Drake Collection will launch on October 7th, and contains what were arguably some of the prettiest and best games on the PS3: Drake’s Fortune, Among Thieves, and Drake’s Deception."

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sammarshall1021163d ago

Halo MCC included Halo's 1-4 and another campaign Halo: ODST came later

5 games

The campaigns were fully playable from day 1 unlike the multiplayer which got better

Spotie1163d ago

Broken multiplayer at launch takes that one out of contention.

Aces171163d ago

The Uncharted collection doesn't even have multiplayer

Rookie_Monster1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

At least MCC has MP and over 100 maps and it is working fine now. So by default, Uncharted Collection taking out features like MP, it really disqualified it from being "the Greatest remaster" collection category. Those are facts Spotie.

By your definition, Driveclub is also disqualified from being the best racer on PS4 because its MP were broken and many standard features were missing at launch. But of course Driveclub is indeed the best racer on PS4 according to most PS owners' standard after the MP is fixed and weather, replays, and other fixes were added months later.

BitbyDeath1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

Uncharted MP is about as good as Halos single player, sure people play it but it's not what they are well known for.

ikkokucrisis1163d ago

MCC is a beast, and probably the best remaster out there. I do want to say that the Last of Us Remastered is a very close second. The upgraded graphics, silky smooth frame rates, and fully functional multiplayer made it the best PS4 game for me when it released.
TLOU is hard to beat, but I can't wait to see what they do with Uncharted!

lastking951163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

Halos single player is as famous as it's multiplayer. Any real Halo fan will tell you this in fact more people will say it's campaign is better than it's multiplayer. Halo forums stay with campaign or mp threads. As a halo fan who's played all of them I speak for the majority of the community when I say we buy for the campaign and stay for it's MP.

Army_of_Darkness1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

I'm just gonna put it out there... The Uncharted series in general is better than the halo series. There, I said it with my chin way up in the air and everything.
And if the uncharted collection had MP, it would have made every other HD collections look lame.

donthate1163d ago

Halo:MCC is pure fanservice and the best remaster/collection and value of all time.

It is a real remaster, unlike most of the 1080p/60fps bump and sell.

There isn't a single contender to Halo:MCC!

maniacmayhem1163d ago

I guess Uncharted'd MP not included takes this collection out of contention also right Hicken?

I mean how can you have a complete collection with modes missing from the original games?

And MCC multiplayer works at this very moment. Shouldn't we review the game based on when it works like you and others were screaming for Driveclub?

G20WLY1163d ago

^@Maniac, well then I guess we can't judge The Nathan Drake Collection until about 100 days after launch, you know, in case they add in a free working multi-player mode, right? Right?! ;^|

Rookie_Monster1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

G20WLY, ^^^

Well then, Uncharted Collection can't be considerd "Greatest Remastered Collection SO FAR" this article is saying...if we are talking in present tense in regard to MP, Right?! ;^| . LOL

NeckBeardBSMTDweller1163d ago

No MULTIPLAYER EVER... Takes this one out of contention

Killustrious1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )


Uncharted Collection may not have Multiplayer, but let's be honest... Uncharted is definitely not known for it's MP (except for UC2 MP being pretty amazing) and Halo is known for it's MP and not so much it's story mode.

You can't really even compare them because they're totally different games... the only things they have in common is the use of guns. But I'll take Uncharted single player over Halo's single player any day while most people will take Halo's MP over Uncharted's

Spotie1163d ago

I must have a problem reading or something, cuz I could have sworn I didn't mention ANYTHING about Uncharted. I didn't even HINT at Uncharted, or any other collection for that matter.

Rookie, your analogy is stupid. There are no standard features for racing games, for one thing, not that there are any for remaster collections, either.

maniac, am I making that argument? Am I arguing that the Uncharted collection is the best remaster? I know I asked this at the start of my comment, but I figure I'll ask you directly. As for DriveClub, can't we still criticize MCC after all this time for being broken at launch the way you and others have done to DriveClub?

Oh, and Aces? Wouldn't you call the UC4 multiplayer beta... multiplayer?

freshslicepizza1162d ago

"I must have a problem reading or something, cuz I could have sworn I didn't mention ANYTHING about Uncharted. I didn't even HINT at Uncharted, or any other collection for that matter."

the topic is about uncharted, why are you afraid to actually comment on it and instead want to focus on MCC? the question was asked directly to you because they removed the multiplayer in uncharted yet you wan to comment about halo being a mess online (which is was). so why evade the response, only because you'd rather critique microsoft games than sony's even though we are in a topic about uncharted?

"Rookie, your analogy is stupid. There are no standard features for racing games, for one thing, not that there are any for remaster collections, either."

driveclub's had a major focus on its social aspects. so again why are you so afraid to make a parallel remark about driveclub yet so eager to comment about halo mcc?

"maniac, am I making that argument? Am I arguing that the Uncharted collection is the best remaster? I know I asked this at the start of my comment, but I figure I'll ask you directly. As for DriveClub, can't we still criticize MCC after all this time for being broken at launch the way you and others have done to DriveClub?"

sure you can crticize mcc all you want. in fact you seem eager to while not really wanting to talk about the uncharted collection missing multiplayer nor do you really want to talk about driveclub and it's online issues that were as bad as mcc. biased doesn't even seem to be a strong enough assumption.

the best collection i still think is the orange box but the halo collection had a ton of content for the price and uncharted will be very well done. it's just missing multiplayer and the golden abyss game.

G20WLY1160d ago

LOL @ Rookie above. And how did you find the Uncharted 4 Beta that comes with this game? Oh that's right, nobody's played it yet and we don't know and so cannot judge.

Also, perhaps look up the word 'could' that you should note the author used. It's used, in this context, in a similar way to 'might'. Why is it always down to me to school you - shouldn't your parents take some responsibility? :/

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deadpoolio3161163d ago

LMAO 10 months since launch and the MCC is still broken and the ONLY reason they gave ODST to people free who had the MCC was because they knowingly released a broken product, were actually going to have patch betas and still to this day haven't gotten it fixed... LMAO the MCC is how NOT to do remastered collections....

And NO don't try to pretend it was only the MP portion, because they had the SP glitch were it was deleting save files for about 2 months after, people with lives had to constantly start the game over repeatedly

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Death1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

MCC is not broken. Perhaps you should check it out before making stuff up. Regardless, The Uncharted Collection will be great.

sammarshall1021163d ago

Are you sure that was a widespread issue? I don't know of many people having problems with the campaigns

For the people that actually own the game

johndoe112111163d ago


"MCC has been working fine since like week 2 or 3 (from launch) at most"

That is a blatant and downright LIE!!

shloobmm31163d ago

Im guessing you have never even played it. The game works perfectly fine and had for a long time. Ive never had an issue with any of the campaigns and they definitely never deleted any of my saved games.

crazyCoconuts1163d ago

I'm playing MCC campaign now, and I don't think it's fair to say it's broken. I can say confidently that co-op over the network has been very frustrating, with crashes and significant frame rate issues for the non-host players. Still, it's not broken, just really rough. I'm still happy to be playing through it, and the amount of content is massive. It's worth pointing out that only Halo 2 got remastered, vs. Uncharted where supposedly all three games will have new assets. Comparing the two may become a quantity vs. quality argument.

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ThePope1163d ago

Broken MP at launch doesn't take the MCC out of contention. It works great now and has for months. No remaster has ever come close to the value offered by MCC. From SP, co-op, MP and the TV series it may never be topped as the greatest value in the history of games.

That said I can't wait for UCC. Going to be sweet

_-EDMIX-_1163d ago

? I heard it still has issues just a few days ago from a friend that is currently playing it.

If anything Rare's Replay might be put up their or the Resident Evil remasters are amazingly done.

ThePope1163d ago

I played for 3+ hours several days last week across multiple modes and had zero issues. Everything has some issues. But there's nothing major.

_-EDMIX-_1163d ago

I would say neither are, MCC doesn't come with all Halo games, came broken etc.

Uncharted doesn't come with the PSV game or MP.

mozzie1163d ago

MCC doesn't come with all halo games because not all Halo games feature Master Chief. That was the point of MCC to replay or follow up on the Master Chiefs story before Halo 5.

_-EDMIX-_1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

...I mean that is a moot point, regardless of what its called, its still not near the "greatest collection" of remastered games. Could they not have called it something else and featured all the Halo games (even Wars) and had the MP working currently and been deemed the greatest?

I mean if they did that, I would call it one of the greatest remasters as its near a remake and not really just a remaster if you factor its in 2 engines.

The functionality issues and lack of the whole series is enough to not give it the title of "greatest"

if not I would say this

might be one of the greatest collections ever made, I wouldn't say its the greatest as in number 1 for many reasons.

They don't have Twin Snakes (would have been sweet) MGS1 just gets a res bump where Blue Point games does a great job with putting MGS2, 3 and Peace Walker in HD, also MGS4 getting added in.

But it still wouldn't be the 100% best, I feel best would be remade in new engine ie FOX like Halo was and every MGS version ie Twin Snakes (might be asking for much but we are talking about THE greatest lol)

this could have been one too

if they actually put in the PSP versions vs having a download.

Ciporta19801163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

How can halo MCC be called the best collection of remasters ever when only 1 of the 4 games is a remaster? Also the graphics on offer in that game that's a remaster (halo 2) are not upto Xbox one graphics standards. Yeah they are alot better but don't look like an Xbox one game.

sammarshall1021163d ago

Um every Halo in the Halo Collection is remastered and Halo 2 anniversary is a remake and looks great as a current gen game

shloobmm31163d ago

Every single on of them is a remaster and two of them Halo 1 and Halo 2 are full on remakes.

Ciporta19801163d ago

Only halo 2 is a remaster the rest are just upped in res. Halo 1 is not a remaster at all. It was 3 years ago when it was actually released on last gen but on x1 its just upped in res like halo 3 and 4. Like I said only one is a remaster.

holdmyown831163d ago

Will never buy. A 343 game thanks to they shitty launch

TheDrunkenJester1163d ago

Halo 4 was fine, and the MCC was made by 343's B team because the majority of them were working on Halo 5, which had an almost flawless beta and every early play test so far has never mentioned any match problems...

Letthewookiewin1163d ago

The Uncharted series campaign trumps Halo's campaign (and I love Halo). Uncharted is way more exhilarating. And now it's going to be upgraded with texture work, frame rate and resolution making it even better. It doesn't have a bunch of MP crammed into it but that's fine by me. I've been wanting to revisit the trilogy and now I can in the best way.

TheDrunkenJester1163d ago

I guess it comes down to preference, but I personally love the Sci-fi story line of Halo over Uncharted spin off of Indiana Jones... Uncharted does have some really good set pieces, but that's because it is a more cinematic experience. Like I said though, it comes down to personal taste.

synistatha11163d ago

What if we couldn't care less about halo. I really don't understand why that game gets such high praise from Xbox fans. If Microsoft hadn't paid for it to not be on the ps2 way back when it would be just another average multiplatform game but Microsoft brainwashed millions with marketing. I guess I just answered my own question lol

shloobmm31163d ago

Wtf are you talking about. They didn't pay for it not to be on the PS2. They bought the company outright when it was going to be a MAC game and it was so good Sony had to create it's own series to compete and failed miserably at it.

synistatha11163d ago

@shloobmm3 no you are wrong it was going to come to the ps2 also I remember the article in Electronic Gaming Monthly back in the day it was going to come to both systems then Microsoft bought a small percentage of shares of Bungie to make it a exclusive don't try to rewrite history.

jb2271163d ago

I don't think the amount of what's on offer is why the article is considering it the best, it's down to the quality of the entire package. 2 out of the 3 in the collection received a fair few perfect scores...It's all subjective really but if you're talking quality there is an argument to be made for it based off of gamer & critical praise.

spicelicka1163d ago

I think anyone who isn't a sworn halo hater would agree that it's the Greatest Collection ever made.

Let's not forget, the games weren't only upscaled to 1080p/60fps but Halo 2 was redone from the ground up, cutscenes were redone, soundtrack was redone, they even redid the multiplayer from the ground up. It's literally 5 full games and more!

Not to hate on Uncharted, it's an absolute necessary collection for one of the best trilogies, but it just doesn't come close to halo in value.

TheDrunkenJester1163d ago

Also the lack of MP for the Uncharted Collection is what kills it for me. It will be great though for all the 360 people who went PS4 and never had a PS3 to play these games when they were released.

jb2271163d ago

The work put into Halo 2 for the MCC is the same amount of work that went into the full collection of Uncharted titles. They didn't fully redo cutscenes but rather opted to clean them up because that actively would've hurt the game as cutscenes were in engine rather than cg. Soundtrack is the same for the UC but I'm personally glad they didn't touch it because that series is my absolute favorite soundtrack.

I won't argue that the MCC isn't a better value because it is, there is more campaign time & deep mp (once it was fixed), but it could be argued that the UC presents a complete & quality package in its overarching narrative.

bryank751163d ago

Yeah But Halo is shit.... So why even mention it!?

AquarianKing1163d ago

Why are yall comparing Halo to Uncharted??

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crazychris41241163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

Halo offers more bang for your buck but Uncharted will probably be 2nd best, close 2nd if they were to release mutliplayer from the last 2 games.

Thought UC2 MP was the best since it was more skill based with power weapons placed around the map and no loadouts but UC3 was still fun.

nitus101162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

That is subjective. If you are into FPS games then Halo will be for you, however if you prefer Action/Adventure then the Uncharted series will be your preference.

As for "bang for your buck" that really depends on how many hours of enjoyment you can get out of playing a particular game. I definitely liked Uncharted Drake's Fortune and have played it through three times, the last on the hardest difficulty but personally Skyrim is the best so far for me.

-Foxtrot1163d ago

If it had Uncharted 2s multiplayer OR at least Golden Abyss then fair enough

It was so close

Fro_xoxo1163d ago

maybe not the best collection.. but I'd rather have it than not have it at all..

It doesn't have to be the best..
It just has to be Uncharted ..

Now I can finally platinum all three games since there's no multi-player :D