Remembering the PlayStation’s mediocre launch lineup 20 years later

Twenty years ago today, the Sony PlayStation came out in the U.S., establishing a dominant new brand in the gaming world. Still, the anniversary isn’t getting a ton of attention.

In fact, somehow more gamers recognize September 9 as the day the Dreamcast launched, despite it being a much less successful console than the PlayStation (which would sell about 102.49 million units). Maybe that’s because the Dreamcast had a catchy September 9, 1999 release date (9/9/99), but it might be because the Dreamcast had a lot of memorable launch games, like Soul Calibur and Sonic Adventure.

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yewles11166d ago

"And then we have the launch games no one remembers, like the first-person shooter
Kileak: The DNA Imperative, the vertical-scrolling space shooter The Raiden Project, and ESPN Extreme Games"

Exept for those that played these games, including I. Also enjoed Rayman at launch...

"And would you believe that a 3DO game was actually ported to the PlayStation for its launch? That honor went to Total Eclipse, a 3D space shooter."

A game that had Mark Cerny on board for development. The Turbo PS1 port was also one of the first games to hit retail, over a week before the console launched.

hduce1166d ago

I liked ESPN Extreme Games. It was the demo of this game that made me preorder the Playstation for day one. At that time, I had never seen water effects like the those seen in ESPN Extreme Games. I also like Jumping Flash, Battle Arena Toshidin, and the promise of a near arcade perfect Mortal Kombat 3.

XboxOneX1166d ago

Yes I agree the games may not have been as good the Xbox launch games but some of them was nice.

chrisx1166d ago

thanks for your input. nice stealth trolling

EinRobot1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

XSecond place trollX

SolidGear31166d ago

I owned Kileak as well after launch

MadMax1166d ago

Dreamcast had the best launch of games!

WeAreLegion1166d ago

It's a shame they never released another game for it.

MadMax1159d ago

They actually did, a few games at that! Try Sturmwind and Gunlord! Both are excellent games that were released recently. Gunlord might have went out of print though, maybe on Ebay.

Dreamcast is still alive and kicking over here. Just grabbed Expendable recently, great game that i never picked up. Check out here for Sturmwind!

WeAreLegion1159d ago

Oh, I know. Haha. I was just making a joke about post-launch releases.

forgetmenot1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

the dreamcast did online console gaming right

nirwanda1166d ago

Lagggggg, it was almost impossible to play with dial up.

NukaCola1166d ago

Crash, Oddworld, N2O... Those games made me love the day my dad brought home our first Playstation.

Aloy-Boyfriend1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

Consoles hardly have a great launch lineup. Luckily, I've got every PS console 2-3 years after launch to enjoy a countless library of games, except for PS4. With the PS4, I was too hyped that I bought it at launch, and I don't think it was that bad. Killzone SF was my system seller as I'm a fan of the series and I very much enyoyed the MP. Knack was also fun to play couch co-op with my lil brother. Ass Greed 4 was fantastic, and so was Resogun.

The first time ever I touched a PS1 was like in 1998 if I'm not mistaken, and by that time there was Syphon Filter, Crash trilogy collection, Crash CTR, Ape Escape, Grand Turismo, Tenchu 2, Bloody Roar, and so on. Great console!

AquarianKing1166d ago

PlayStation king of the consoles

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The story is too old to be commented.