Top 10 Best-Selling PlayStation Games

VGChartz' William D'Angelo Writes: "To celebrate the original PlayStation's 20th anniversary milestone in North America, we here at VGChartz have decided to take look back on the original PlayStation era from a strictly sales perspective.

Sony's debut console effort managed to sell an incredible 104.25 million units before it was taken off the market. Not only was it the first home console to exceed 100 million units sold, it still remains in the top 4 in terms of overall platform sales and is only second behind its successor, the PlayStation 2, in terms of home consoles.
Looking at the regional breakdown we can see how strong the platform was in all major regions. It sold best in North America with 38.94 million units, but it also proved popular in Europe, where it managed to shift 36.91 million units, and Japan, where 19.36 million units were sold. The rest of the world accounted for the final 9.04 million units.

As one might expect from such a popular platform, software sa...

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