PS4 vs Xbox One vs Wii U Japan Lifetime Sales – July 2015 Update

VGChartz' William D'Angelo Writes: "Looking at the total sales of the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U in Japan for July we can see how, despite a strong initial lead for the Wii U, the gap continues to slowly shrink in favour of the PlayStation 4.

The Wii U has sold 2.47 million units lifetime, the PlayStation 4 1.60 million units, and the Xbox One 55,767 units.

PlayStation 4 Total Sales: 1,601,287

Xbox One Total Sales: 55,767

Wii U Total Sales: 2,470,045"

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Rimeskeem1165d ago

MS just needs to give up on Japan. They are just losing money.

johndoe112111165d ago

The xbox one line looks like the electrocardiograph monitor of someone who was just removed from life support.

stuna11165d ago

Beep Beep....Beep..........Beeeeeee eeeep

dcbronco1163d ago

So wait, you guys think 1.6 is good. They should both give up on Japan. At least Xbox has a lack of support from Japanese developers. If you believe Sony's sales in Japan are worth bregging about you have to admit you only post online because its the only way you can get one off anymore.

never4get1163d ago

PlayStation 4 Total Sales: 1,601,287
Wii U Total Sales: 2,470,045

It would be great if Persona 5, Star Ocean 5, PS4 exclusive.

Griever1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )


Really poor attempt at damage control and downplaying PS4 sales. There is no sense in that comment; only anger, salt and bitterness just like in the bottom one where you resort to petty personal attacks and insults for the sake of defending your beloved Xbox One. Is a piece of electronic hardware so important to you that you resort to insult a human being for its sake and defend it at all costs?

Sales success is judged according to the market size and competitor sales. The Japanese home console market has shrunk significantly over the years. Therefore, no company today can even hope to sell 5 million home consoles in a year in such a small market. Even the Wii U that has been out for more than 2 years and is a success in Japan has sold only 2.4 million. PS4 is selling faster than Wii U and exponentially better than Xbox One. It is the best selling home console. What are you comparing it to in order to come to the conclusion that it is selling bad? A $200 handheld? The much larger American market? 1.6 million is exponentially better than than measly 54,000.

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jon_snow1164d ago

Lol, and the biggest loss is for hideki kamiya. There is 99% chance his game will end up like last remnant and lost odyssey. Luckly studio Neir 2 will sell more in japan than SB sales worlwide.

littlezizu1164d ago

Well Nier 2 will outsell SB in japan and worldwide which is known fact due to PS4 success and Nier being sleeper hit in japan.
But Nier 2 japan sales to outsell SB worldwide sales is something which is improbable but not impossible because sales of past critically acclaimed JRPG were really poor due to exclusivity to dudebro console.

dcbronco1163d ago

Explain yourself bastard. How exactly does he lose? The game isn't expected to be huge in Japan, it does seem like it will sell well elsewhere. By the time SB releases there will be 17-18 million Xbox One's out there. Microsoft backed this game, surely Sony fans will say with a big check, Microsoft owns the IP so they will give it a twenty five million dollar advertising campaign. And I'm betting he was well paid for this game. I'm not sure how he loses anything. The game will probably sell 3-4 million copies. Explain where the lose is.

user99502791164d ago

Are you kidding? Xbox clearly wins in the land of the rising sun.

I know you might think it smart to suggest MS "give up", but really there is no sense in it. MS' needs one foot in Japan, if not to sell millions of consoles, then at least to maintain the interest of Japanese devs and the Japanese gaming industry.

Besides... at what point has "losing money" stopped MS' from moving ahead with XB1 however they see fit? I think that the idea of MS throwing in the towel in any regard amount to wishful thinking from certain people at this point.

*puts on pompoms*


Magicite1164d ago

I think they are losing money per every xbox1 sold anyway.

doctorspakles1164d ago

So...sell less consoles...make moar money. Genius move by the big MS.

dcbronco1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

There's already been to bom done on Xbox One at launch and it was making a small profit. It probably has moved to a 20nm chip and they have re-done parts deals at least once and probably twice.

This ridiculous belief that because its an Xbox means it's sold at a loss is plain stupid. This type of reasoning is why people think of gamers as children. I bet Jimmy Kimmel can quickly be taught how money is made in the gaming industry and he'd completely understand it.

I know all the "cool" kids are saying it but think for yourself.

Oh, and good luck with ever becoming an actual doctor.

Azzanation1164d ago

I agree, no point in trying to convince a culture to stop boycotting. I would rather MS spend the money elsewhere. Let Japan miss out. Then again MS is one of the richest companies in the world so its probably not a big deal to them.

Nintendo still seems to be king in Japan, looking forward to the NX.

Fatal-Aim1164d ago

But but but Sony is in more regions is why they are leading. Just wait until XB1 release in _______ region. Microsoft is going to close the gap then.

Waiting......and still waiting.

Now its MG5 released on the system. LoL!

Its not like this was black Friday or Christmas with bargains going through the roof. This was a normal week that so happen to launch with a multi platform title, so there is no excuse when you are referring to a single week vs an entire year. Its not like the best week was selected since the platform hit shelves neither. The PS4 just happen to generate those numbers that week WITHOUT a 1st party exclusive.

TheLoCoRaven1164d ago

Pretty sure they're losing money on the console everywhere.

nitus101163d ago

Microsoft cannot afford to give up on Japan even though their sales of the XB1 are bad. I very much doubt they are loosing money since you need to take world wide profits/losses into account.

There are still many people who like JRPG's and who own or thinking of buying an XB1 so Microsoft would like access to the Japanese game developers even if their games only appear in the Western market. An example of that is Scalebound which will probably be a loss in Japan but reasonably popular in the rest of the world.

showtimefolks1163d ago

I don't think MS is in position to give up. I think they have to atleast try. Xbox one just isn't a console that has world wide appeal IMO

i understand the effort from xbox camp but i don't think they have to stay in japan to get japanese developers support. they have enough money to sign a studio or have them do a exclusive like scalebound

so this argument that xbox one shouldn't give up on japen because of developers is just nonsense

so you mean to tell me 54000 is gonna convince a studio but not 13 to 14 million that they have sold outside japan?

ps4 just has to show up and it wins every month lol

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FallenAngel19841164d ago

Japan is the only region Wii U will remain ahead of PS4 in total sales for a while until enough heavy hitters pushes it over the edge

N4g_null1164d ago

I wonder why the ps4 isn't selling better?

N4g_null1164d ago

Well why is the wiiu in the lead? The ps4 raced pass the wiiu in other regions. Also why does vgchartz ignore mobile sales?

What games do you think will compel that ps4 market forward?

Also what is your take on the appeal of mobile in japan in regards to prices. What's hot there?

benji1011163d ago

Well, there are 3 main reasons.

1. The late release compared to the rest of the world was perceived as anti Japanese.
2. The decline of the 20s-30s market. Many in this demographic are working and play games on the commute to work, or they have children and dont see the ps4 as a child friendly product.
3. A lot of PS4 is just not that good. I will get disagrees for this.. but who cares. The ps4 is a more powerful ps3. That is the sales line. No new video player. Ps3 was the blue ray, ps2 was a dvd player. No big gimmick. Not much to really market it. The shock should not be why is the ps4 not a success in Japan.. but why is a slightly more HD console a success around the world?

Haru1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

PS4 is selling way better than Wii u right now, it's just that Wii u had a year head start but PS4 will eventually close the gap

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triple_c1164d ago

Xbox One - 54,813 in 1 year

PlayStation 4 - 54,494 in 1 week

Saying that the Xbox brand is dead in Japan is an understatement. I would't even say it's dead in Japan. I'd say it never existed in Japan with those abysmal numbers..

Ol_G1164d ago

that one week your counting includes the release of one of the most popular franchises over there
not exactly a fair comparison

nix1164d ago

say whaaaaaaaaaa.. O.o

triple_c1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

You're reaching right now is immeasurable bro. Monkey D. Luffy ain't got nothing on you my man. MGS 5 is also on Xbox One consoles as well. Hell, it's on the PC, XB1, 360, PS3 and the PS4. You're acting like MGS 5 is a PS4 exclusive but guess what? It's not. It's on FOUR other platforms and yet the PS4 is still moving a large amount of units. Stop damage controlling lol

PSIN4MANT1164d ago

So because MGS V is popular, that negates the sale of 54k hardware units?

MysticStrummer1164d ago

Please tell me you aren't talking about MGS5, like these guys seem to think you are…

MasterCornholio1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

If you just look at last week's sales (without MGSV) the PS4 sold 18539 and the Xbox One sold 168. That's still a colossal difference between the two.

Is that comparison fair to you now?

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Ol_G1164d ago

damage controlling lol i dont even have an x1 or 360 but a wii u and ps4 i'm just calling it how i see it

triple_c1164d ago

I'm comparing ONE year of Xbox sales to ONE week of PS4 sales. How the hell is that not a fair comparison for the Xbox One?

Ol_G1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

It's not about the amount but the fact you choose to use the week that one famous franchise came out that boosted the sales for ps4 that week far above the weekly average of the past year as an indication Xbox is doing badly
We all know how bad it's doing but using one of ps4 highest selling weeks to point it out is not really fair and childish in my opinion

This is quite funny seeing the disagrees that i get for pointing something out i dont think is fair about something i dont even own
Just shows that you get negged to dead around here if your opinion differs from the mayority

Ben Dover1164d ago

Could you at least learn to use the "reply" button like any other normal functioning person would?

Besides, your point is extremely flawed. Even when someone uses another week for comparison which shows abysmal numbers, you tend to ignore the obvious.

triple_c1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

Idc if MGS 5 came out last week.

1. MGS 5 is also on the Xbox One

2. No console should ever sell damn near the same amount of units in 1 week than what another console sells in 1 entire year.

My sales comparison was more than fair for the Xbox One. If anything, my sales comparison wasn't fair for the PS4 since I'm comparing 7 days of PS4 sales to 365 days of Xbox One sales. What is so hard to understand about that?

You're getting a bunch of disagrees because your argument is incredibly stupid and illogical.

BG115791164d ago

Considering the date release of the PS4 in japan, the PS4 has been in stores for 79 weeks until july of 2015.
With that in mind, the PS4 has an average 31.266 consoles per week...

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1164d ago Replies(1)

Someone from Japan tell me if the Xbox One even exist in supermarkets/stores and what the reputation of the console is there?

benji1011164d ago

not in supermarkets but in Yamada denki and Joshin. Geo and way sell some but... the sections are getting smaller. At least they dont have the ps4s honor of filling the second hand display cases. I saw 5 seond hand ps4s in one store today.. not even one wii u.

joeorc1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

Sony playstation 4 released in japan on February 22, 2014.

While the WiiU released in DEC of 2012

You stated not more than 18 hours ago, this.

"benji101 + 16h ago
Japan never really has price drops.
The wii u actually has been mildly successful, it has had some very big weeks.
I dont share your optimism in regards to sony in Japan. they seem to have totally blown it.
The delayed release may be to blame...Or the Ps market is the big loser to mobile gaming. You can argue that final fantasy will change things, but Mgs is a bigger franchise among hardcore gamers.

Every year more 3ds customers join the market. the 3ds is like a standard gift for children entering elementary school.
the PS4 does not have the college market like it does in the US. College students in Japan are not really interested in gaming anymore."

So let me get this straight:

You point out this:

"The wii u actually has been mildly successful, it has had some very big weeks."

But even though the playstation 4 by Sony in Japan is not only released over a year after but is selling at a faster rate!

And yet you state this:

"I dont share your optimism in regards to sony in Japan. they seem to have totally blown it. "

But yet you state about Nintendo's WiiU:

"The wii u actually has been mildly successful, it has had some very big weeks."

Sirens pull your car over Troll cop says : troll licensed proof of troll insurance.

Sorry this troll licence has expired , please step out of the vehicle please../s

If your going to passive aggressive Troll please try not to make it as blatant as putting up a shot in the air with a freaking flare gun.

benji1011164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

Joeorc. The first 2 years of wii u sales were tracking much better than the ps4.
The ps4 is still behind in sales year on year. Do you understand what that means. Over the same time period the Wii u had shipped 2.1 million units. 400k more than the ps4.

Now shut up you trollfanboy. You did not even check the sales you just assumed you could say something that is totally untrue.

1164d ago
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