Revengeance Is My Favorite Metal Gear

Xbox Enthusiast's Andrew Gonzalez discusses why Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is his favorite game in the Metal Gear series and how the game turned him into a fan.

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FallenAngel19841167d ago

Revengeance was an excellent title in the franchise. It was a nice diversion from the usual sneaking

AGVulture891166d ago

It was enough to get me to check out some of the other games in the franchise. I really hope that Platinum can make a sequel. There is so much potential for an even better game.

LaWiiG1167d ago

I really liked it. But, that's mostly because I like the dev. :)

AGVulture891166d ago

Platinum is a fantastic developer. Their games are so unique.

LaWiiG1165d ago

I think they are very underrated. I mean, I LOVED Anarchy Reigns.