Does Avalanche Studios And WB Games Have A Plan For DLC In Mad Max?

Average Nobody's writes, "In today's gaming marketplace it's become more and more common for AAA developers to release a game with the intention of backing it up with downloadable content, so much in fact that we're presented with the option to purchase a season pass even before the game has been released. And yet Avalanche Studios, creators of the critically acclaimed Just Cause franchise, decided to take a completely different approach with the release of Mad Max.

So far the only mention of DLC that I've come across are references to the pre-order bonuses, console exclusives, and the Rockstar Energy challenge car... that's it. Whether or not Avalanche Studios is making a silent statement against the dependence on DLC in gaming or they're simply wanting to make sure there's a demand before investing the time, I honestly don't know.

Just because Avalanche Studios hasn't yet revealed their ultimate plans for Mad Max, I'd say there's probably an expectation within the community th...

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RedDeadLB1165d ago

I got 13.5hrs of gameplay and I'm only at 28% completion. And at this moment, hell yeah, I hope so. I can't get enough of it.

I seriously hope they have plans for a sequel as well. It can evolve into so much more!

Wolfenstein511164d ago

Took me just over 30 hrs to beat it. Still have a few more side missions to complete. Its a really good game and a real shame about the low reviews. Game journalism needs to grow up. The first reviews complained about the repetititve missions and every other review copy and pasted the original reviews. The game should be reviewed on its own, not compared to MGS V.

Jag-T10001164d ago

Nope, game's dead. Waiting for it to hit the bargain bin so I can pick it up. Only people that paid full price support it. They have no choice.