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Mad Max may wind up a victim of its busy release window, but it doesn’t deserve to. It’s a bombastic blast of exhilarating vehicular combat and open-world destruction, only slightly marred by uninspired on-foot fighting and limited ambitions when it comes to scope. It may not be the most refined open-world title out there, but it never gets too pretentious and crucially thriving in the wasteland is simply great fun.

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MrsNesbitt1165d ago

Looks like a great game. I hope it gets the deserved praise. Nice review

TFJWM1165d ago

Its a great game and worth checking out, so happy I picked it up

Skellytorx1165d ago

Sounds like a fun game to try out!

Flatty931165d ago

Good Review! Sounds like a solid game, the car combat looks great fun!!

XxNxWxOxX1165d ago

This game looks like great fun with excellent graphics to boot! A great, informative review!

silvacrest1165d ago

This game has to have the most mixed reviews i have ever seen.

I'll just have to try it my self once i pull my self away from MGSV

Yukes1165d ago

It's well worth a look. I think many critics have accentuated it's flaws because it's another open-world game in a saturated market and because it's not particularly "sophisticated". It's consistently great fun though, and surely that's what matters!

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