Guillermo Del Toro Still Has Hope For Silent Hills

Rely on Horror writes "This whole thing has been such a rollercoaster for us Silent Hill fans, and I swear every day seems to bring some new twist to the knife. Del Toro and Kojima will continue to work on a new project together. Del Toro says he’s out of the gaming biz. Del Toro tweets that he still has hope for Silent Hills. What the hell is happening?"

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scark921075d ago

We all do, it will sell, P.T made that clear.

Transporter471075d ago

You know, I hope Sony picks up Kojima, and they bring Guillermo del Toro to work on a P.T like title. I mean Sony does own an IP similar to the Silent hill franchise, the Siren series, maybe they can do something in that universe. They can also just make a brand new IP which could also be fantastic. I do know that Sony loves giving freedom to their developers, so I think that would be a great option. I am hoping for a Kojima+Sony+Guillermo del Toro project. BTW, I am sure some of you will say why make it exclusive, but I don't see Kojima going anywhere else that will give him as much freedom as he wants besides Sony, plus he has a great relationship with them.

Septic1075d ago

Hey you never know, it could go MS exclusive. Don't underestimate the power of the moneyhat. That would certainly be interesting no?

VsAssassin1075d ago

Sony has been awfully quiet about this PT/Kojima/Konami fiasco. I won't be that surprised if Sony indeed co-funds this new Silent Hill game.

WoshJills1075d ago

Isn't Kojima starting up his own company outside Konami? That's one of the reasons he was put on contract with them vs. being an employee.

Chevalier1075d ago

They should also keep the PT name. Something that makes fun of the last game and teaser he made for Konami, like Phantom Terra or something like that.

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Satyre281075d ago

I swear it goes back and forth, wasnt it just like 2 weeks ago the article came out that he no longer wants anything to do with gamers ever?

Allsystemgamer1075d ago

That was over a month ago and not serious...

scark921075d ago

Yeah it seemed like he was joking because of the luck he has with it :)

HRoach6161075d ago

I'm with you man. All the articles I read made it sound like he was pretty serious about being done with games. But unless we talk to the guy ourselves we can't know.
Everything here is just speculation

_-EDMIX-_1075d ago

Hopefully Kojima can get some sweet crowd funding for its real version!


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