Motorstorm, PS3 best-seller in Japan

Today Evolution Studios announced that its next-gen racing game MotorStorm is the best-selling PlayStation 3 game in Japan.

"It's a real coup for Evolution," says Martin Kenwright, CEO, Evolution Studios. "Developing MotorStorm has certainly not been easy -- but the team here really delivered. Evolution has a reputation for delivering high quality racing titles, but we really needed to up the ante with Sony's new hardware. We're delighted that the public has agreed with the press, and made MotorStorm the current Japanese number one PlayStation 3 title. We can't wait to see how it performs throughout the rest of the world."

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TheMART3995d ago

Yeah probably they only buy Motorstorm

PS3 has an attach rate of 1.5 game per unit

PS2/Gamecube had 1.9 game per unit attach rate
Original XBOX 1 had 2.4 game per unit

360 had 4.5 games @ launch per unit
As we speak even 5.2 games per unit

I feel just sorry for Sony, losing 300 dollars on every unit sold and sell 1 to 2 games max. They'll never make up their loss

Raist3995d ago

Aren't you bored of always repeating the same stuff ? Not to mention that it's always less or more unrelated to the topic.

I mean c'mon, you sound like Stalline's propaganda

HaHa3995d ago

she's at it again. repeating the same old sh1t like a broken record. little girl please grow up and get a life while you're at it, for you NEED one.

big_tim3995d ago

You do realize Xbox 1 never made up its loses and they still did just fine.

How would your life be if you didn't waste your time posting the same crap and spent more time enjoying life?

Juevani3994d ago

who gives a damn 360 is floppin in japan, get out now..

rjkc3994d ago

same thing over and over its getting boring honestly take a look at some of his previous comments . He wants sony to fail so much he thinks by saying it over and over it will come true

shysun3994d ago

XboX has "NEVER" made money for M$!lol

DixieNormS3993d ago

the heck out of the mart but every one that replyied to his comment copied each other. You fony fans are laughable.. ITs good to see that MS is selling pretty good considering their is no online for it there.

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specialguest3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

even after getting just an above-average rating from that Japanese videogame magazine, it still becomes an instant hit. if this is a PS3 best seller in Japan, wow, imagine the US and Europe sales, especially knowing we're getting the better version.

on a side note, those damn ads that pops right on top of this website is starting to get annoying. especially because i can't even "X" out of it.

JIN KAZAMA3995d ago

I can wait for it to hit the states. There is simply no other racer on any console that comes to the magnitude of this game. There is just too much going on in this game, and the grpahics are unbelievable.
TheMart will be TheMart, he is an xbox360 zombie that has been infected with the Hateraid virus. Lets not get too upset at him, its not his fault his brain has turned into mush.

videl3995d ago

no wonder, this game is the most realistic game ever! is the japanese version in english too ?

testerg353995d ago

Doesn't take much to be the best seller

ASTAROTH3994d ago

There are already 90K MORE PS3's in JAPAN MORE than the 360 after a year. And remember that it doesnt have more due to the slow development process of consoles. WOW!!

InMyOpinion3995d ago

How many copies has it sold? Best selling Ps3 game does'nt say much, is that like 500 copies out of some dudes trunk?

big_tim3995d ago

Funny, I am glad someone has a sense of humor!

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