Bungie Made a Huge Mistake Not Getting Liam Neeson for Destiny's Taken King

New changes are coming to Destiny with the Taken King, but there's one thing that isn't in there. And that's unacceptable.

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scark921162d ago

I think every game company is wrong for not having Liam Neeson, Bethesda needs to get him back for Fallout 4!

spicelicka1162d ago

Even Nintendo needs him for Mario games.

GigawattConduit1162d ago

He could obviously voice only Toad. Or Yoshi.

KeeseToast1162d ago

I googled "Mario Taken" and I haven't been disappointed: http://funny-pictures-blog....

XBLSkull1162d ago Show
Docknoss1162d ago

Yeah getting a man who doesn't support gun rights to voice act in a FPS game. What logic is this?

InTheZoneAC1162d ago

name a movie he's in that doesn't have guns...

SaveFerris1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )


Love Actually and Kinsey, and Clash of the Titans.


Good call on that one.

ocelot071162d ago

Considering the guy has been in many movies where he kills people with guns. I am also pretty sure he knows Destiny is only a video game. Just like his movies are simply just movies and not real life.

annoyedgamer1162d ago

True, whats funny is almost all his movies are full to the brim with guns too.

scark921162d ago

Well for a person who is in numerous movies with guns,the logic works, you have to respect he does not push his agenda on to his work.

Blacklash931162d ago

What does that have to do with anything? His job and his personal beliefs are different things.

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Dlacy13g1162d ago

Huge mistake! I know like ...well I am sure there a ton... umm...surely somebody out there decided not to buy Destiny because Liam Neeson was not in it. Mammoth mistake! /s

eyeDEVOUR1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

Right!! He's way to busy rescuing his family(over and over)and saturating the movie industry with his one style of bad

rainslacker1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

As we all know, any game that doesn't have an overpaid top grade Hollywood actor phoning in their part because they don't take it seriously is a mistake.

It's kind of funny how some game actors are better than these Hollywood types they bring least in their performance....not that the Hollywood actors are bad in general, they just often seem to not really care about the part itself.

In any case, Liam Neeson isn't Troy Baker...he doesn't need to be in every game. This article would have made more sense by saying it was a mistake not having Troy Baker in the game.

Timesplitter141162d ago

The voice actors in that sort of game don't matter THAT much

GigawattConduit1162d ago

Exactly why Liam Neeson needs to be included. His presence DEMANDS that he matters.

pompombrum1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

I think they made a bigger mistake not getting James Earl Jones, Vaderbot would mop the floor with Dinklebot and Nolanbot. Sean Connery also would have been a hilarious choice.

-Foxtrot1162d ago

Wouldn't you want him in a more interesting video game

GigawattConduit1162d ago

Look, it's Oscar Schindler. He managed to make those Narnia movies not completely boring, so it's safe to say he could add some more interesting stuff to Destiny's story.

pompombrum1162d ago

Nope, not not even Liam Neeson can save Destiny's script/story.

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