Forza 6 Puddles Will Ruin Your Day in the Best Way

Mike Fahey:

"I fell in love with Forza Motorsport 6 the first time I hit a dynamic puddle at high speed and my BMW went apeshit."

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Foehammer1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

"As in real life, when your car hits one of the puddles gathered on Forza 6’s tracks, it sloshes through it. The wheels hitting the water drag. And when one side of a car is suddenly attempting to go much slower than the other, bad things happen."

Turn10 really goes to incredible lengths to make the games realistic.

They also have tire deformation physics along with tire heating cycles.


Looks like they set the bar for racing games again.


You're right of course, it's like a symbiotic relationship, each one building off the other success.

Each one setting the bar higher.

christocolus1168d ago

I think Playground Games is just as skilled as Turn 10. Both devs are awesome at what they do,always trying to outdo eachother. I imagine PGs next game will feature just as much innovation and will be just as good if not better than FM6.

KiwiViper851167d ago

Totally, FH2 is my favourite racer of all time, I just can't find fault in it.

Can't wait for FM6, I even stayed away from the demo, as it was already a day one buy regardless.

Dee_911167d ago

If they really wanted to be realistic, they would cancel the race in such conditions lol.
Unfortunate the weather isn't dynamic, but man it looks good. I've been watching live streams for hours, I will be picking this game up asap.

cfc781168d ago

Only 7 hours left till I get to try these puddles out for myself.

Awesome stuff from Turn Ten once again.

crazychris41241167d ago

Lucky mofo, I have to wait till Tuesday even though Im getting the special edition console which makes no sense.

USMC_POLICE1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

Right? Same here I can't wait to get this Xbox and FM6! I never buy special edition systems but I couldn't pass this one up!

pandehz1167d ago

This game is something else.

That demo gave me such a rush

TripC501167d ago

Can't wait for this. Although I dream of a car sim that gets the Indy 500 right
I live in Indy and have gone to 9 500s. There's nothing more exiting than the first lap of the Indy 500 with the rolling start and green flag at turn three.... I watched the video on the link showing cockpit view and it's awesome but cringed at every impact that happened and ugggghhh that standstill start just hurts to watch. Passing high on turn two would throw you right into the wall in real life.. Anyway this is the closest I'll get to taking a lap around Indy at 200 mph so I'm freaking hyped.

whitesoxfalife19761167d ago

i-65 n kessler minutes away from the track.add me whitesoxfalife

pandehz1167d ago

Best puddle ever.

The demo really gives a great impression of the game.

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