Street Fighter V New Image Teases Next Character Reveal

GS:" One more Street Fighter V character has been revealed not even two weeks ago, a reveal which surprised pretty much all fans of the series as very few thought we would see R. Mika Street Fighter Alpha 3 in a new game of the series. Another Street Fighter V character is going to be revealed soon and director Yoshinori Ono has shared one new image teasing the reveal."

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KingofGambling1076d ago (Edited 1076d ago )

This game is going to be released on PS4 and PC. No Xbox One. There's a mistake on the last paragraph.

Mikefizzled1076d ago (Edited 1076d ago )

I know :( At the end of the day I'm glad Sony stepped in even if it meant that it wasn't coming to my primary console of choice.

Imortus_san1076d ago (Edited 1076d ago )

You are glad the most multiplataform game in the history of Video Games is going to Be exclusive? lol.

1076d ago
bbad1076d ago

Looks like Ryu is hit with a tornado

chrisx1076d ago (Edited 1076d ago )

Cody maybe?

BABYBONES1076d ago

My guess is Cody or a brand new character. The roster choices lead me to believe it was going to be a new Alpha game at some stage in development, Cody fits that mold. He's a good candidate for their "revitalization" strategy since he's rather bland/mediocre in SFIV and underplayed because of this.

bbad1076d ago

I don't think it's Cody. Unless they changed his move we should be able to see him in that photo if it was him because the tornado is always right next to him.

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