The Renaissance of Star Wars Video Games

Will the new Star Wars games be a greater success than those of the past? And how will they fit into Lucasfilm’s universe-building plans?

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SteamPowered1165d ago

Its time for a new Rogue Squadron, ladies and gentlemen. Im hoping the cartoon spin off of the same name breeds another excellent space dog-fighting gem.

3-4-51164d ago

I'd like a single player Action RPG & also a Tactics type of Star Wars game similar to Final Fantasy Tactics.

Trekster_Gamer1164d ago

A new Rogue Squadron heck even a remaster would be AWESOME!!

jb2271164d ago

Those sound great...I'm mainly just dying to play the Visceral project. I'm an sp gamer first & foremost and one of the best devs of last gen w/ a history for creating amazing cosmos action combined w/ one of the best writers in the industry making a spiritual successor to one of the best franchises of last gen in the SW universe is just too tempting to pass up. Really hoping we get some information & first footage asap.

XBLSkull1165d ago

Battlefront does look awesome. Though after canceling a Boba Fett game and a Darth Maul game, I seriously doubt Disneys judgement in Star Wars games.

C4rnos1165d ago

The Alpha test convinced me nothing about this Battlefront is awesome, and as (some) people have pointed out; it looks like a reskin of Battlefield- and i'd agree with that for the most part.

I don't agree with their MP only route, no space battles (at least at launch) no Galactic conquest mode; which happened to be the best SP and co-op experience of the series, and i think what is most disappointing- the lack of innovation and creativity, sure it's safe; but for how long?.

_-EDMIX-_1165d ago

"I don't agree with their MP only route, no space battles"

The game has offline missions like BF 1 and 2, EA merely stated they wouldn't have a story like in Battlefield or Call Of Duty.....BF never had a story mode as much as it had offline missions.....this game has those same offline missions.

Space battles? Even though they have this mode?

THat pretty much is space battles just not in space? Um...ok then. Your not liking it for the setting vs the mode and your not liking it because of a feature that has never been in the series.


This game isn't MP only.

Has a dogfight mode.

But its not in space so it doesn't count and surely can't be fun /s

"; which happened to be the best SP and co-op experience of the series", no it wasn't. The SP was merely MP missions with bots offline. This game also has co-op on its offline missions.

I wouldn't read too much into forum talk and actually look up whats in the game, lots of what your saying has be disproven literally the day the game was announced.

How is it a reskin of Battlefield? It doesn't play like Battlefield, has no classes, goes from 3rd to first on the fly, doesn't have the same modes as is it like Battlefield? Or are you just repeating what you've read other folks just as uninformed as you have stated?

C4rnos1164d ago

The game has Single player sure, but all it'll be is a (frankly) half-assed here is the same MP game but instead of players horribly made AI bots.. not much of an upgrade is it?.

Let's compare Battlefront 2 to this game shall we? Space battles- which is the inclusion of ship to ship combat as well as IN ship combat at the same time, that is a bonafide Star wars battle, not just a random dogfight here and there.

I reckon it's not a stretch to say that the improved galactic conquest mode in BF2 was one of the best features, upgrading troops, persistent bonuses between fights, that sort of thing- while being simple at the time (we're talking ps2 here...) do you not think that so much more could be done with that game mode? Co op in this game is just as awful wave defense.. it's really innovative /s

"Has no classes" hum, so this might as well be CoD then? it's an inconsequential feature, the game modes are ostensibly no different, whether you choose to recognise the constant rehash that so many developers do these days is your perogative but switching on the fly between 1st and third person adds nothing new to the game.

Rather you prefer what is essentially a Battlefield: Star wars game instead of a true addition to the line up of titles that have existed, maybe i'm just salty another KotOR hasn't been released yet- But this isn't something i want.

antz11041160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

Lol Edmix caught you talking about what you don't know about (single player) and you still try to defend your stance based on your misinformed judgements before the game comes out. Nice.

Regarding the space battles please change the record. They weren't that great in BF2, they didn't touch Rogue Squadron by a long shot. You should be happy DICE is reviving a series that has been dead for a decade and they're trying new routes. If you want BF2 then feel free to go boot it up.

_-EDMIX-_1165d ago

I easily put Star Wars BF as selling better then the latest Star Wars games have done.

How it would fit in the universe doesn't really matter as its not a game that is made to fit a story or arc in the universe as neither Battlefronts where made to do so.

This is one of the best teams to ever touch a Star Wars IP. Its a day 1 for me.