Disney Infinity 3.0 Review – A Little Dose of the Force Goes a Long Way | COG

COG writes: The House of Mouse uses the force to their advantage and manages to pull the Disney Infinity franchise out of the clutches of the Dark Side. Yoda would be proud.

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MercilessDMercer1192d ago

They really should have called this Star Wars Infinity because that's the only thing people care about!

GrapesOfRaf1192d ago

Infinity is actually pretty decent. Lego still wins, but I'd go Lego>Infinity>Skylanders at least.

Aenea1191d ago

Well, I haven't like any of the Lego videogames so far and do like Infinity.

Am a huge Lego fan otherwise tho and the IP they have for Dimensions is right up my geek alley so am kinda hoping the game is better than the other Lego games. Will need to try a demo of sorts...

wonderfulmonkeyman1192d ago

At this point, it could almost be said that Star Wars is the same as sex: They both sell, and sell well.XD