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Rich at GameSpew writes: "As a launch title for the ill-fated WiiU, ZombiU was a pleasant surprise. Combining first person action adventure with strong survival horror elements, it was a solid game that made great use of the WiiU’s unique features and also a bold release for a platform holder known for its family-orientated titles.

Unfortunately, like the console it was released on, sales underperformed, and as a result the planned sequel was canned. Ubisoft seem to be keen to give the original title another chance though, having now ported the title to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, albeit minus its “U” as well as its online and multiplayer features. Whether or not this is enough to give Zombi legs to spawn a series remains to be discovered, but either way, this is a solid port that enables this under-appreciated title to reach a larger audience."

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tigertron1191d ago

This game is an 8 at least.

ape0071191d ago

very underrated but what can u expect from gamers nowadays, they're look for flash over substance

until dawn scoring higher than zombie u is a crime to any real gamer