On Metal Gear Solid V, Mad Max and the Ethical Role of Reviewers

Rich at GameSpew writes: "Last Tuesday saw the release of what for many will probably be the game of the year, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The latest entry in the highly regarded Metal Gear series, it was undoubtedly hyped beyond measure thanks to a constant barrage of media coverage about the game itself and the apparent fallout between its creator, Hideo Kojima, and his employer Konami. With mainstream press attending camps to review the game, before launch day it had already acquired a bewildering number of glowing reviews awarding the title 5/5 and 10/10 scores. You’d honestly believe it heralded a new age of videogames given the amount of praise bestowed upon it.

Released on the same day, and therefore pretty much sent out to die, was a new game based on the Mad Max film franchise. Developed by Avalanche Studios of Just Cause fame, review copies for this title were sent out for the day of release, meaning that reviews trickled through shortly after its muted launch, and whilst they weren’t terrible, they also didn’t paint the game in a great light.

Two open world games, both with their own unique take on the genre, created by talented developers. One met with universal praise by the mainstream press, the other, apathy. So what gives?"

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Link2DaFutcha1164d ago

Max has been awesome so far, I'm waiting on finishing it before diving into MGSV. It seems like most reviewers just blasted through the game and didn't flesh out the upgrades, once you get max and the opus upgraded the driving and combat are amazingly fun. While some of the side missions and camp clearing can get a little repetitive, the main story is awesome and the characters and overall feel of the world are amazing.

Timesplitter141164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

I think you're making this sound more serious than it really is.

Game journalism is pretty at TMZ's level in terms of how seriously it should be taken

LightofDarkness1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

Truly. People get so up in arms and crazy about games journalism like lives and humanity's very righteousness hang in the balance. At the end of the day, it's entertainment news, often about fictional people in fictional worlds doing things that have no effect in the real world. That is, until a real world person decides to make it affect the real world.

WilliamUsher1164d ago

It may be petty and TMZ-quality but keep in mind that reviews DO affect sales potential and studio closures.

Do I need to remind you of Obsidian's layoffs due to the Metacritic scores?

Reviews don't deserve and have lost plenty of respect from real gamers but unfortunately their collective scores still shift and sway a lot of how games are perceived by the general public, for promotional purposes and even how publishers negotiate and contract developers.

Most gamers WOULD ignore the petty reviewers if they didn't have so much pull to get things changed, such as the boob-plate in Divinity, or the limerick in Pillars of Eternity, helping pushing McIntosh's agenda that spurred groups to get GTA 5 banned in Australia, as well as even influencing Valve to first pull Hatred from Greenlight.

Please tell me how them having this kind of control over the market isn't serious?