Tokyo Game Show Floor Maps Revealed: Show Large Booths for Sony, Square Enix, Capcom, Konami & More

Today the Computer Entertainment Suppliers Association sent the floor maps of Tokyo Game Show via press release, showing the position and size of all the booths.

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XXXL1166d ago

Looking forward to this. Is TGS usually an event that a lot of new reveals are made?

MegaRay1166d ago

Yes. But aside from big publishers, most of the games dont make it here or takes years to come.

SniperControl1166d ago

Hopefully we get to see Gran Turismo 7, even if it's just a short trailer. My most anticipated game this gen.

jon_snow1166d ago

Yep,I predict TGS to have more game reveals than E3 like it has been in past 6 years.

bouzebbal1166d ago

Last year's TGS was great and marked the rise of japanese gaming. I feel this year's edition will top it in every way.
I wish Japan Studio will surprise us with something great!

corroios1166d ago

I hope that is gonna be huge. Want some real trailers of JRPG, like FFVII and Dragon Quest.

Hope some new game announcements for the PS4 and some surprise that no one is waiting, bring it on!!!

littlezizu1166d ago

TGS in previous year has always had more new game announcement than E3 and Gamescom. So expecting alot of unannounced game.

1166d ago
yarbie10001166d ago

Sony had a huge booth at Gamescom also

MasterCornholio1166d ago

But this time they have a conference as well.

I couldn't really navigate the maps well but is Microsoft there?

1166d ago
MasterCornholio1166d ago


I wasn't talking about a conference. I was just asking if they had a booth on the show flow. Every time I try to click on the maps my tablet goes crazy.

GameDev11166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

Sony actually has a pre TGS conference so earlier than TGS, I assume yarbie is trying to say they wont have a conference

Haru1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )


Nope. microsoft didn't attend Chinajoy and they won't attend Paris game show or THS either, Sony has like 10 times more conferences than Microsoft


'It would be waste of time and money for M$ to arrange a conference for 12 xbox owners in japan.'

LOL what? I thought Microsoft doesn't care about sales or money? dont they have an infinit amount of money???

Lol xbox fans always find a way to turn it around it's so hilarious

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