Crash Bandicoot: A Great Character That Had a Difficult Journey

On September 9th, 1996, Crash Bandicoot was first released on the PS1. Our bandicoot friend has turned 19. Join Ethan from Playstation Enthusiast as he takes a look back at the path that led to our favorite bandicoot being absent from gaming for the past half decade.

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Relientk771163d ago

Have Crash come back to Sony and everything will be right again

ABBAJESUS1163d ago

if it's made by naughtydog or Insomniac

DragoonsScaleLegends1163d ago

I just want more 3D Platformers on PS4. I'm kinda worn out when it comes to FPS games though the BO3 Beta did re-energize me a little.

DragonDDark1163d ago

We have Activision to thank for the difficult part.

Roccetarius1163d ago

Crash Bandicoot was one of my first gameplay experiences, and he'll always stay awesome.

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