Quantum Break's Sr. Writer Compliments Sony For Looking For The New & Different Following Until Dawn

Remedy Entertainment's senior writer Mikko Rautalahti plunged himself into PS4 exclusive Until Dawn from developer Supermassive Game. The writer for titles as Alan Wake and Quantum Break thinks that there is more to Until Dawn's story and compliments Sony for looking for the new and different stands in the gaming industry.

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NewMonday1196d ago


hope Quantum Break turns out great.

VER1ON1196d ago

Nice to see developers throwing an occasional compliment at the competition instead of the usual jabbing.

OB1Biker1196d ago

And it feels genuine as opposed to some PR thing from the big companies.. Mind you the games are not really in direct competition and I dont think they care much about the console war.

miyamoto1196d ago

The biggest YouTube Let's Players are always asking who made Until Dawn while they play this fantastic game.

I can't believe the huge reception gamers have for this game.

Such a very unpredictable game.

BartMoons1196d ago

Nice coming from a developer who is great at storytelling themselves. Indeed Kudos

WelkinCole1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

Its a huge complement for Supermassive from Remedy no less.

VsAssassin1196d ago

Until Dawn is truly the surprise hit of 2015. Supermassive has many people's eyes on them after Until Dawn. Good job to Supermassive and Sony!

VER1ON1196d ago

True but 2015 still has some months left :)

DragonDDark1195d ago

What will be the surprise? Can't think of any games that may surprise me.

1196d ago
WelkinCole1196d ago

I am honestly surprised by this game. When it was introduced i thought it will be a C+ cheesy young adult slasher and it will be boring. Glad I was wrong.

Kudos to Remedy. I am sure QB will be a great success.

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