Dishonored | PS4 vs PS3 | Graphical Comparison

Start Replay compare the opening moments of the Definitive Edition of Dishonored on PS4, to its original release on PS3.

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babadivad1167d ago

They look pretty much identical and more cloudy on the PS4. All around crappy.

Yi-Long1167d ago

Yep, very very lazy HD-'remaster'. I was interested in picking this up after missing it on last-gen and being impressed by the E3 showing of the sequel, but I seriously doubt I'll bother.

Lng1010101166d ago

Uh.. why not? Just because it doesn't look much better than the PS3 version doesn't mean it doesn't look good, or isn't a good game. Sounds like you're just a graphic-you-know-what.

time2die1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )


Way to many remakes in my opinion for this so called next generation set of consoles.

Yi-Long1167d ago

I don't mind 'remakes'/'remaste rs', because when they're done right, it can make a classic even much more enjoyable (Zelda Windwaker HD, GTA5, etc etc), but lazy HD ports like this aren't really worth anyone's money.

SolidGear31167d ago

Got this at launch along with Until Dawn. Love both :3

Pintheshadows1167d ago

This seems to have been a pointless effort. Should have just poured the resources they used on this into Dishonored 2.

Yi-Long1167d ago

TBH, it doesn't seem they poured all that much effort & resources into this anyway.

Pintheshadows1166d ago

Haha. Yeah, that is a fair point. At least it isn't as bad as the Prototype collection.

1166d ago
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