Destiny: here’s Dinklebot vs. Northbot

You knew this was going to be made.

Destiny expert Arekkz is back with a run down of the new armour pieces we’ll all be able to get our hands on when The Taken King launches on September 15.

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DialgaMarine1167d ago

I definitely prefer Northbot. The life the ghost has now is just so much better.

GrimDragon1167d ago

North sucks. Bungie bring back dinklebot or get Liam neeson

BABY-JEDI1167d ago

I would prefer a Darth Vader Ghost-bot. It is your Destiny!

pompombrum1167d ago

We need a Sean Connery bot.. I'd be "throwing money at my screen" to hear him in an alarmed voice go "we've woken the hive"

mechlord1167d ago

Nah...dinklebot was not only better, but added a whole new level to a certain Venusian mission.....

That *Little Light* ....i laughed hard when i first heard it.

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