Destiny: Nolan North Vs. Peter Dinklage

How does Nolan North, the new voice of Destiny's Ghost, compare to the original performance from Peter Dinklage? Decide for yourself with this comparison video.

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Volkama1166d ago

It's not his fault, Ghost is a bad character.

"So tell me about the part I'm playing. What's my inspiration, what's my background, my emotional state?"

"Just read the lines, and we'll make it sound a bit roboty"

CowbopBeboy1166d ago

Oh for sure. That's referenced in the article. It definitely seems more of an issue with the poor script than it does Dinklage or North's performances.

pompombrum1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

While I definitely blame the script, I think listening to North's portrayal has made me appreciate Dinklage a lot more. North just sounds to be trying too hard to express emotion that he sounds like he's reading a book to children and completely lacks the subtle nuances in delivery that gave Dinklebot character.

UKmilitia1165d ago

Dlinkage is way better imo.

RpgSama1165d ago

They should just let us decide which voice to use at least till The Taken King content, dual voices and then some in game story about how the bot voice modulator got broken or something like that for the new voice (if you decide to use Dinklebot until that point).

Thunder_G0d_Bane1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

I don't know why people had a problem with Dinklage, he was playing a AI ghost of a dead person, it made sense to be monotone.

I think Nolan bot needs to be in a Star Wars game to be honest...

Personally I've enjoyed Destiny for its gameplay dont really care for Story in Shooters thats why i dont play CoD or Battlefield singleplayer modes. I save that for RPGs.

BootyBandit1165d ago

The original voice is WAY better.
This is really disappointing they went in a different direction. The original Queen was much better as well. They need to work on the story and script and leave the voice acting alone.

MysticStrummer1165d ago

"Dlinkage is way better imo."

Weird. They sound pretty much the same to me, quality wise. Any no name voice actor could have done this part just as well imo.

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fei-hung1165d ago

Although this might not be entirely Nolan Nolan's fault, I think he is an overrated VA. He only became big due to the success of Uncharted and having been given Nathan Drake as a character.

His performance as the Penguin was bad in the Arkham games and the other roles are barely memorable.

poppinslops1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

He's great in Spec-Ops: The Line... yeah, he's over-used (so is Troy Baker) but that's the various Developers' fault - not his.

-Foxtrot1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )



Get out

zidane13411165d ago

Pippin; Troy baker over used? Hell no, not in a thousand years.

PC_601165d ago

I prefer the first guy, Nolan sounds a little "gay"?

zidane13411165d ago

What kind of dumb comment is this?

Harkins17211165d ago Show
Sunny_D1165d ago

Let's stop beating around the bush and being all pc. You all know what he means when he said sounds gay. He's talking about the gay lisp. Don't act like you never heard it.

UncleJerry1165d ago

It's too bad Dinklage got the response he did for this part. The script wasn't well written at all and TBH I never really felt that his voice acting was so bad. He had a sort of dry sense of humor and his voice over had some subtle little details without sounding over-done or "too human-like". I think Dinklage maybe could have had a bit more excitement in his voice, but I think North just sounds like he is narrating a children's cartoon.

TheRedButterfly1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

It's like Bungie is aiming for another 343 Guilty Spark (relevant video: ) and just aren't getting there...

At least before the update I could pretend that Tyrion Lannister was walking me through the void of the Cosmodrome. Now? It sounds like a knockoff Tim Dadabo who's doing a worse job of reading off the same terrible script.

Volkama1165d ago

I don't think Guilty Spark was significantly better really. I seem to recall he quickly got annoying, he was just less constant than Ghost. Guilty Spark had a bigger significance to the story, but less time in the spotlight.

If Guilty Spark was used in place of Cortana as the companion that was always by the Chief's side it would have been grating. Unfortunately that's pretty much the role of Destiny's Ghost.

Ozmoses1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

what's even more funny is probably the amount of money they spent on Nolan North...

you know just one of the most well-known voice actors out there...

Dinklage probably got pennies compared to the $$$ that Nolan North is getting from this gig.

they could have used that money to actually do stuff that matters.. like server upgrades and what not...

One little voice for a robot that scans things should definitely not be a top priority in the eyes of the Destiny developers.

Allsystemgamer1165d ago

It's the other way around. Dinklage guaranteed is paid more because of GOT. The idea was to pull people in because they know who dinklage is. Outside of gaming not many people know who Nolan North is.

Ozmoses1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

regardless of that....

they could have put the money to a much better use..

let's pay one guy to read these lines... and then under a year later let's pay another guy to read the same exact lines and a few extra ones for the new stuff coming out.

it's poor money management on a part of the game that isn't even that crucial to the overall scheme of what Destiny is.

they could have pulled a kid off the street and got the same type of results for damn near nothing.

3-4-51165d ago

* It's 8th grade level writing at best.

showtimefolks1165d ago

so bungie cant win no matter what some gamers will just complain

BlackWolf121165d ago

Just go listen to North's interview about it.

DeadlyFire1164d ago

Its not the voices Activision. People lose interest because of the content is so repetitive and other reasons. Gunplay is pretty decent all around. Everything else needs a little bit more of something.

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Mikelarry1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

Oh My god that was bad, i personally think they should have just left dinklebot the way it was come up with a story ( buhahahaha i know) of how that ghost got destroyed and you get a new ghost with nolan norths voice, because the new VO is definitely worse

PS: i wonder what their excuse would be in a year or two should the majority hate nolannorth vo even more

JeffGUNZ1165d ago

Leave it to new age bungie to make another poor decision. I thought Dinklebot was great and people just expected some emmy performance out of a floating cube. Now, Nolan makes Ghost sound like a nerd bomber who has never seen a female naked.

Yeah, I want to take that virgin across space to save the universe.

Grap1165d ago

They are both bad, but seriously wt# is this! really bad writing, ghost may be the worst video game character i ever encounter.

JeffGUNZ1165d ago


Yeah, they script was terrible for the entire game and the story has absolutely no substance, but if I have to compare both actors, Dinklbot came across more likable to me. I just don't like this nerdbot NOlan voice. It sounds so childish to me.

UKmilitia1165d ago

nolan doing it is horrible and i know it might sound petty but im not sure i could put up with it,just sounds crap.
it already has a really bad script and now this ,jeeez/.

badman11165d ago

It's hard to voice something with no personality. I Blame the writers, the script is pretty bad. How much can you polish a turd?!

Grap1165d ago

"You can polish a turd, but it's still a turd"

2cents1165d ago

Don't forget the sprinkles :)

GrimDragon1165d ago

Wow I thought I might be the only one that cringed when I heard north speak for ghost. All the memorable moments from dinklage ghost are gone. Dinklage brought at least some personality to ghost made the little bot cute and funny to listen to. North is just annoying, cold, and I hate when he speaks now. Going to miss dinklebot greatly.

CrowbaitBob1165d ago

I totally disagree. I like the new ghost a heck of a lot more, I think it sounds like Guilty Spark from the Halo series. It's much more believable for me than a slightly modified Tyrion Lannister.

The script is the script. I don't think anyone expected Bungie to totally overhaul that.

Death1165d ago

I'm sure I'm not the only fan that would have preferred to put a clip or two into Guilty Spark just so it would stfu. I'm not sure comparing Ghost to GS is a compliment.

no_more_heroes1165d ago

"A" clip?

As in, just one?

...I'll keep it short by saying this: think a little bigger...

CrowbaitBob1164d ago

Honestly I wasn't referring to Guilty Spark's character as a positive necessarily. Just because a character is annoying doesn't mean the voice acting is terrible. Many horrible characters in games and movies are annoying as heck, but still done really well by the voice actor.

To me Guilty Spark, however annoying, sounds like a convincing AI character. That's why I prefer the Nolan North version of the ghost. It may be annoying, but it sounds nothing like any specific human. It's an anonymous voice.

Since I find Peter Dinklage's voice so blatantly recognizable as Peter Dinklage he doesn't come off as a character, he just comes off as Peter Dinklage reading lines.