FIFA 16 Install Size Revealed - Almost 10GB More than FIFA 15

Grab It has the install size of FIFA 16 and while not massive, it's a fair bit bigger than last year's game.

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SlappingOysters1164d ago

It's not that bad if you ask me. There are indie games pushing that size that don't have nearly the same requirements as this game. Having said that, EA still releases FIFA on old-gen, so would need to spend some effort on compression where others might not.

madmonkey011164d ago

probably 10GB of new textures to sit ontop of fifa 15.

HxCGamer1164d ago

i get it because fifa 15.1

That's so funny and original!

burza19821164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

Seriously, playing FIFA 16 dEMO I feel like I'm playing FIFA 15 but only with small differences in ball speed when you shoot.
Once again, people are being robbed. You are paying money every year just for a patch.

Yi-Long1164d ago

The gameplay actually feels very very different, judging from the demo.

Not sure if I feel it's actually an improvement or not. Haven't played it enough yet.

However, I felt FIFA15 was a step back for the series, in terms of gameplay, while FIFA14 had much better gameplay.

I think I might choose PES2016 over FIFA16 this year. Been really enjoying the PES demo, apart from the crappy referees and of course the lack of licenses in the final game.

iceman061163d ago

I agree. I have played about 6 games and I am seeing some improvements...and some steps back.
Both refs seem to have issues. FIFA's being a bit over anxious and PES's just not calling too many. There's also something about the shooting that feels a bit off in FIFA...or maybe it's just getting adjusted after playing the PES demo.
Either way, I'll keep plugging away and trying to get a feel for it. (wish it was more than 4 min. halves though!!!)

pompombrum1164d ago

10gb worth of boob physics, SOLD!

Yi-Long1164d ago

10GB of booby-bytes!!!