Complete list of Xbox One install sizes – over 290 titles

Finder has compiled the a list of every available Xbox One game and their install size, which makes for a very handy resource.

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SlappingOysters1106d ago

Love this resource - just about to invest in my second external HD as my current 500GB + 1TB is about full. What are you guys up to?

Rimeskeem1106d ago

Waiting for Halo, Fallout, Uncharted, Battlefront, and my wallet to have a heart attack.

Septic1106d ago

Hehe same. My wallet is already having a cardiac arrest with MGS, Until Dawn amd Forza to buy. Plus Halo. Tomb Raider, Fallout and Star Wars BattleFalafel incoming.

Will I even have time to play them?? Im still trying to catchup with my Playstation One backlog. Vagrant Story, you shall be completed!.....maybe

Imortus_san1106d ago

@Septic vagrant Story and Final Fantasy Tactics are my favorite from the PS1, play that game, its worth it.

NoFanboyJustLovGames1106d ago

wow didnt know that many games were out yet.....

WitWolfy1106d ago

BC cant come soon enough...

Rookie_Monster1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

Don't really matter as the external HDD solution Is a godsend from MS on my XB1. The large size of current gen installs plus BC will required massive hdd space but I'll just need to add another external HDD when it ever comes to that point.

Imortus_san1106d ago

At least some games use less space then the PS4 contrapart, just like Destiny is 24GB on XboX One and 40Gb on the PS4, others like Dragon Age are 10GB less.

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