The 12 best Wii U games ranked: Does Mario Kart 8 take pole position?

Judging by sales figures, third-party support and the fact that Nintendo is already beavering away on a brand new console just three years after launching this one, it's difficult to argue that the Wii U hasn't been anything other than a massive flop.

It hasn't even sold as many units as the Gamecube, and that's really saying something!

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Imortus_san1167d ago

LOL, the greatest flop ever in recent history, it as Nintendo great games, but no big 3 party games makes it a fail, the Dreamcast sold less but had better games then this.

Hoffmann1167d ago

To be serious for a second, the Sega Dreamcast had a superb list of amazing games, but you simply can't do a comparison like "it had better games" when the best games of both system are representing so different genre's.

There simply is no Wii U exclusive counterpart for Metropolis Street Racing as example, while there is also no compareable counterpart of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on the Dreamcast.

Both consoles were/are sadly flops in general but both had and have amazing lineups of great games.

Nerdmaster1167d ago

I was a SEGA fanboy and loved Dreamcast games, but when I play them again nowadays, I see that they weren't was good as I remember. I hope it doesn't happen with the Wii U games I love now.

higgins781166d ago

Not likely. Nintendo games have a habit (generally) of playing just as well in retrospect. I can't for the life of me imagine SM3DW (for example) not playing equally well - if not better - in 10 years time. The Dreamcast was a true gem of a console, but that was Sega, this is Nintendo.

ninsigma1167d ago

This list is a disgrace for not having captain toad in there. Get zombie u out of there and stick in toad.

deafdani1167d ago

I played both, and yes, Toad is a prety good game... but Zombi U is still better, in my opinion.

However, not having Wonderful 101 and especially Smash Bros on this list is criminal.

Nerdmaster1167d ago

Smash Bros is in 3rd place on the list.

deafdani1166d ago

What the hell... I managed to miss that in the article, somehow. Don't know what happened. 0__o

ShaunCameron1166d ago

I say even more so for not having Shovel Knight, which by the way is getting a retail release next month.

ninsigma1166d ago

I never played shovel knight. Looks good but with I'm so busy with big the big games that a lot of the smaller ones tend to get left behind :/

Hoffmann1167d ago

There are more than 10 Nintendo Wii U games out there?


Jag-T10001166d ago

Yes, I couldn't believe it either.

deafdani1166d ago

That joke got old more than 2 years ago.

deafdani1167d ago

No Wonderful 101? No friggin' SMASH BROS?


higgins781166d ago

Smash is in the list, 3rd place. I agree with @ninsigma however. Yes, Zombi was good, innovative, but Toad (for me) a more polished and overall enjoyable game - pure Nintendo.

deafdani1166d ago

Wow, I don't even know how I managed to miss Smash Bros on the list. :/

The point of Toad and Zombi U is subjective. Yes, Captain Toad is overall a more polished game, but the experience in Zombi U was much better and more deserving of a "best of" Wii U list, especially considering it's arguably one of the best two-screen game experiences on the Wii U, if not THE very best.

PlatinumGX1166d ago

1. The Wonderful 101
2. Bayonetta 2
3. Super Smash Bros
4. Splatoon
5. Rayman Legends
6. Sonic & All Star Racing Transformed
7. Pikmin 3
8. Child of Light
9. Mario Kart 8
10. Super Mario 3D World

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