Move over Michael Bay: Classic animated Transformers are making a comeback with Devastation

Despite Michael Bay, Shia LaBeouf and an increasingly angry Mark Kermode trying their best to burn it to the ground, Transformers: The Movies somehow remain a Teflon-coated franchise of the people. Transformers: The Video Games, though, have not fared so well, with last year's Rise of the Dark Spark in particular launching to poor reviews.

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MilkMan1166d ago

How can you say there is no lord in the heaves when things like this happen?

FunkyGoron1166d ago

I don't know how to feel about this game... does it play like Bayonetta at all?

Looks great but not sure if it's worth the $$ given all the releases in the next 3 months.

iceman061165d ago

It looks like classic Bayonetta combat wrapped in a Transformers G1 skin...which isn't at all a bad thing. I would just like to hear something about a plot.

beans1166d ago

I'm going to show my support for this game! Lots of games coming out but for me this is a must buy for myself and kids.

SteamPowered1166d ago

I cannot wait for a true G1 transformers game.
As for Michael Bay, I think South Park summed it up best:

"We need ideas! Not a bunch of special effects!!" - General Smith
"I don't understand the difference" - Micheal Bay

optimus1165d ago

i don't have high hopes for this game, only because it's a fighting game a kin to king of monsters. They should have stuck to another war for cybertron type of game...not saying this will be a bad game, just that i doubt it will sell well because of the genre.