Can Video Games Be Used for Medicinal Purposes?

Kris Lane writes, "This week Nintendo made headlines in the video game world, when they had once again made some serious donations for an amazing cause. They have once again partnered up with the Starlight Children’s Foundation to make what they call “the healing power of play” accessible to a variety of pediatric hospitals worldwide. They did this previously with their prior system, the original Nintendo Wii, however these “fun centers” are being updated with their latest Wii U technology, which provides young patients and their families “endless hours of entertainment, distraction and fun, as well as a sense of normalcy.” While video games have many times through the years been called hazardous to your health in some ways, people often ask the question if the same technology can be used to actually improve your health. On a personal level, I must say that the answer to that question is a heart filled yes."

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