Destiny 2.0 Update Experiencing Download Issues on Xbox One

While PS4 users were able to quickly download the patch and hop back into the game, Xbox One owners have been experiencing major issues with the download.

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ThatEnglishDude1073d ago

Of course it is. This game's a mess.

Immorals1073d ago

It's not a mess, it's actually quite clever (for the people who make money from it).

Create a premium template, and then charge people for the luxury of having the whole thing!

SourtreeDing1073d ago

this isnt the only game it happens to on Xbox one... Xbox is just a mess this gen im sorry..
and this download downloaded fine on my ps4

Gority1073d ago

My download failed twice on PS4 as well.

XboxOneX1073d ago

Mine failed 3 times also on PS4. In the end I got sick and tired of trying and went and played Gears of War Ultimate Edition instead.

xHeavYx1073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

Sounds legit.

LexHazard791073d ago


Yes it does! Like he might just have both consoles.

1073d ago
antz11041073d ago

.....or maybe everyone and their mother are downloading it at the same time. Just a thought there before you jump on the bitter wagon.

PSIN4MANT1073d ago

Zero issues on this end, no lag, everything is working just fine.. and all the changes are quality.

Kribwalker1073d ago

I thought it was craziest the first time ghost said something and it wasn't dinklage

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ScorpiusX1073d ago

Install time are some what slow but this game download is giving new meaning to slow .

LonDonE1073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

Lol to top it off i was told 99+ hours as my estimated download time for destiny 2.0 on ps4! its disgusting, and sony still have not addressed the slow download problen in uk/europe.

Last i saw they were looking into it, i had to do the pause trick to change cdn server, then it said 6hours which is about right on my connection for 17+gb.
I can usually download around 22gb in 5 to 6 hrs on x1.

Any how i have 8gb allready, so 9gb left :( lol
Some of my pals dont know the trick to get around the slow psn downloads problem which is a well documented problem since 2 o.s updates ago.
Atleast sony has acknowledged it!!
I just hope its sorted asap, both psn and live will likely be slow due to the destiny update.

Either way i hate how big these games/downloads are today, its ridiculous.

ScorpiusX1073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

I've gone as far as turning off every device in the house off , but to no avail.
At 21% in an hours time

Sureshot1073d ago

You, my friend, now know what it feels like to live in Australia lol

Khimarhi1073d ago

Checked my Xbox live DL speed and it's at 85.4mbs been stuck at 82% for 2 hours now. Just the servers for destiny are overloaded. Even if you are in the game somethings work fine for some people and not for others.

Avernus1073d ago

When you're downloading a game, it's coming from XBL or PSN, not the game's servers. So Destiny servers might be clogged up, but if your game isn't downloading, it's either your internet, or XBL.

Benchm4rk1073d ago

Its an update not a game from the console store. So it is Bungies servers. They even put up something on twitter about it.

NeoGamer2321073d ago

They better figure this out before they drop the price to $20 and I decide to buy it(maybe)!

gnothe11073d ago

its going slow on both consoles for xbox one is stuck at 63% an my PS4 version is at 13%(started it later)an its saying 9 its just the destiny server overload

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