PS4/PSVita Exclusive Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Character Vote Closed; Announcement Will Be Livestreamed

Koei Tecmo hosted a popularity vote to decide the nine Dead or Alive heroines that will appear in Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 for PS4 and PS Vita, and now the voting period has ended. Whatever the results are, they’re now set in stone.

The results will be livestreamed from Tokyo Game Show, alongside quite a lot of info on other Koei Tecmo games.

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the-dragons-bane1164d ago

Marie rose and honoka are practically confirmed; hopefully tina and/or helena made it in. Hopefully it gets localized

Abriael1164d ago

I'm cheering for Helena. Not a big fan of Leifang, honestly.

bOObies1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

The ones who were in trouble were Lei Fang, Helena, Momiji and Tina. Helena made it last we got poll results, so it will be interesting to see if she held it or lost it. Tina could be the comeback kid and jump up two spots, but most likely not with it only being the Asian market being able to vote.

My hope is, that Momiji gets knock out completely, so Lei Fang and Helena gets the 8th and 9th spot. I am haveing a hard time choosing between them. I want Lei in because her relationship with Hitomi and she usually has cute outfits to put on the other characters. But damn, Helena is looking good these days, lol. If I had to choose one....I hope Helena makes it in. We need one blonde at least, jeez Japan.

Then again without a localization, it doesn't seem like Team Ninja gives two cents what we want :(

Erogemaster21164d ago

Better yet not even care and just play Sexy beach premium resort which comes out in the next 5 days.

triple_c1164d ago

I just hope this gets localized..

Josuey1164d ago

i want it loclized so that feminazis like anita sarkesian suffer

bobsmith1164d ago

I got my lotion ready for the livestream

Featuring_Dante1163d ago

Its gonna be full of dudes... and there is probably gonna be 5mins of footage.

Erogemaster21164d ago

Who cares Sexy beach premium resort comes in 4-5 days.

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