Review: Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime | Enemy Slime

Enemy Slime: "I’m really not kidding when I say that Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime went from being completely off my radar to one of the best things I’ve played all year. It’s an easy title to pick up but offers an amazing amount of complexity and challenge, and whether you are laughing as you bungle your way through a sortie or at the edge of your seat as you fight for your life in a do-or-die showdown, it is all extremely entertaining."

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FlexLuger1167d ago

This one had all the hallmarks of a good game. Glad it delivered. Looks like another great indie Ill be buying at the end of the month.

gangsta_red1167d ago

The first time I saw this title I was hooked.

Kingdomcome2471167d ago

This is the second glowing review that I've read. I'm downloading it now.