Top 5 Reasons Why Gamers Hate Call of Duty

It's Tuesday and that means another entry in PlayStation LifeStyle's top five video series. In this week's episode, PSLS takes a look at the top five reasons why people hate the Call of Duty franchise.

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Immorals1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

P2P connections on one of the top selling multiplayer games for the last 8 years. In 2015.

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scousetomo1165d ago

i play lots of cod its all server issues for me dedicated servers would fix it but it will never happen

venom061165d ago

the reasons people hate this game is because of the pathetic favoritism is gets from the fanboy reviewers @ IGN and the other "wannabe IGN" review sites... ANY OTHER FPS GAME THATS RELEASED EVERY YEAR, with very few changes year to year, would get slaughtered in the so-called "press".... Yet, CoD skates through and doesn't get as bashed for few changes, as it should be.

GreenUp1165d ago

I hate it ever since it became futuristic. MW3 and Black Ops 1 were the last that had my attention. I can't deal with the overwhelming amount of killstreaks, and the fact they removed barebones pro playlists. Well, I think they did. Didn't see it in the last cod I played. Think it was bo2? I've grown up and now play Arma. A sim game which is way more fun. I wish they had a game mode in cod now with no killstreaks, modern theme or older. Then I'd buy cod again. Until then. Meh.

Simco8761165d ago

Go back to WWII and I'm day one. Until then, I'll skip this every year. Played AW, and I had fun. But until big changes (ie: AW), I won't look at this again.

Immorals1165d ago

AW just added a new mechanic, no big changes really.

Still the same game with bad spawns, quickscoping, lag, spawn killing and overfilled with killstreaks.

Bring back set 3 killstreaks, and give guns actual recoil please!

Simco8761165d ago

AW completely changed the way the game is played with movement though. I agree everything else stayed the same though. The movement made a huge difference in the style of gameplay you had to run.

I started out with classic playlist also, and then moved on to boost play. Huge difference there.

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The story is too old to be commented.