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Alex takes on the fast-paced, rocket-jumping platformer Tinertia. Will it blow-up the speedrunning world or is it a dud? Click ahead to read his impressions.

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shocked6861167d ago

Really crazy but really frustrating

B_Rickaby1167d ago

I like the art direction for the game but I'm not enough up for the punishment of the game play to try it out.

ZeroSkerbo1167d ago

I thought this looked pretty cool, and I think it's coming to PS4 and XB1

ChouDa1167d ago

Got a chance to play this out at PAX Prime and immediately, started getting the hang of the rockets. Precision is so key, from the number of rockets you dish out to the angles and order and timing you dish them out in that all I can think about was Speed Running it. Reminded me a lot of Bit.Trip. I liked it!

OhMyGandhi1167d ago

I absolutely adore the character design.