Destiny: The Taken King Crucible Hands-On Preview – The Spark Is Charged (PSLS)

The Taken King expansion for Destiny will be out in just one week, and PSLS have plenty more on the PvE section of the game closer to release, including a review in the weeks following its launch. Today PSLS is pitting Guardian against Guardian to talk about The Taken King’s new Crucible maps and modes in our hands on with the coming PvP.

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GamingWithMack1164d ago

Downloading the 18GB update right now!

ninsigma1164d ago

Same here. Just 93 minutes to go! :P

Snookies121164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

Ugh, with my slow internet it's going to take a while for me...

Really sucks, because I wanted to play some when I got back home lol.

Here's hoping this update will provide some significant and great changes.

GrimDragon1164d ago

Man wish I wasn't at work right now...counting the minutes before I can race home and download this bad boy.

ramtah1164d ago

Not gonna play this game anymore they changed every hting about the game that i was told how it gonna be the reason i bouth it is because peter and the way they told us how open world it was and they said that as faar as the eye can see you cna go ther but nothing of that was true + they removed alot of content from the disc and sold it as dlc (they call it expanstion) im not gonna buy any of bungie games anymore thanks for hte 300+ hour on crusible though

Nineball21121164d ago

Rift sounds like it is going to be total chaos! I think this could replace Control as the most played.

kbozz711164d ago

I'm thinking the same thing. Looks like constant mayhem.

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