Five times Until Dawn stabbed my expectations in the face

The interactive horror experience shows its fangs by misleading gamers time and again.

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uth111169d ago

The biggest stab is the way it portrays itself as a campy-teenage-slasher movie send up and then turns out to be something else

gangsta_red1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

I thought that was the best part of this game. It threw a lot of red herrings out that actually worked to it's advantage. The twist towards the end was very unexpected.

I also think that the campy dialogue wasn't actually intentional but just an excuse. But I loved it all the same.

uth111168d ago

I'm glad it turned out that way too. Otherwise it would have been way too predictable :)

cell9891168d ago

The whole point was to make it unpredictable, I think it succeeded

Viryu1168d ago

For me the problem was that the biggest plot twist was somewhere in the middle of the game, and the final chapters were just meh.

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trywizardo1168d ago

when I heard that you can't control the fate of all characters no matter what you choose the game will make them survive I hated it , reminded me of Walking dead season 1 when I thought the game is ll about my choice but actually the game is programmed to kill all the secondary character ...
if a game is based on players choice then make it really based on players choice , even if that alters the story and then ending (some games have more than 20 ending for Christ sake)

BitbyDeath1168d ago

Who told you those lies? Anyone can live and anyone can die, you do control their fates.
It is really based on player choice, they even have trophies for having everyone die or everyone survive.

SolidDuck1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

U have been misinformed. Almost everything u said was wrong. Its a really good game game give it a try. U do control who lives and dies, there's even a section that reminding me of old resident evil games. U walk around a asylum/hospital picking up ammo, clues, and looking for a key card to unlock a door. Its good. The end scence is also pretty epic, I was yelling of sh!t what do I do? I only had 2 survivors by the way.

trywizardo1168d ago

IDK , some reviews maybe ign or gametrailers

Bathyj1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Well they were spreading misinformation if they said that. Speaking about something they didn't know about as if it were fact. Like you just did. ;P

BoNeSaW231168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Try again. Those reviews did not say that at all.

OB1Biker1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

There specific parts where the characters can die or be injured. Some characters have more than others but the interest is not to know when your input involves a minor change or a big one. Those would be the biggest spoilers avoid them.

LordMaim1168d ago

Everyone can die. In fact one of the trophies is to have exactly that happen in the game.

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BitbyDeath1168d ago

Trophy for everyone to die is called 'This is the end'.


shammgod1168d ago

You've been misinformed.

trywizardo1168d ago

if its just like you guys says , then I'll get it , I thought its just like the walking dead , where you can try to choose a good ending , but its all scripted -_-
oh yeah , what's the game length ?!

xenz1167d ago

Me and 3 friends bought the game and of our characters had different fates. All of my characters survived my friends had 1 and 3 survivors.

The game lasted for 12 hours. I excamined every clue that I found though.

trywizardo1167d ago

@xenz awesome , I'll get it as soon as i finish the games I have
thanks for the info ^_^

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