What Makes Mario Galaxy So “Super”

Super Mario Galaxy has received a vast amount of awards, and has gone down in history as a video game masterpiece in practically every aspect of its being. Being an early title for the then-new Wii, Nintendo sought to show the gaming world that all had not been lost; a goal that they most certainly reached and arguably exceeded.

But what was it that made Galaxy so ‘super’? Why is it considered by so many to be Mario’s highest point thus far and such a huge success in the entire industry? Why are fans still crying out for a threequel 8 years later?

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FunkyGoron1112d ago

IMO it was the most dramatic addition to the Mario platformers since N64 Mario. They added 3D then and nothing like it existed. Sunshine was fine, more of a “different” 3D platformer as opposed to the next step in 3D platforming.

Galaxy basically, literally, turned 3D platformers on their head. The Z-axis hadn’t been interacted with by the player like it is in the Galaxy games. It really was an evolution of 3D platforming simply by the way you walked on the “ground” and around planets. It wasn’t just left, right, up, down, or around. It’s one of the few games where my fiancé will laugh at me because I am playing and as I run on the worlds my head tilts left/right to make sure I am looking at Mario right.

Other games may have done this but, to me, this is why I enjoyed the Galaxy games so much.

3-4-51111d ago

*For me, the motion controls destroyed any chance of it being as good as it could have.

Motion controls are too distracting and take you out of the experience of the game.

It's hard to get sucked into a game and get lost in a game when your constantly aware that your moving your body around in ways that aren't needed.

* They need to go back to Mario 64 Style, but include obvious updates and a good story to go along with it. 500+ Stars to collect / 30+ locations, something like that.

Maybe add co-op and you have a 10+ million seller right there. That could be a great launch game for the NX console.

Maybay1111d ago

The Motion controls were very basic. Though it's your opinion, and I'll respect that.

jholden32491111d ago

I also have to disagree. You weren't moving your body all sorts of ways with the motion controls. Like most every other game that implemented them well, you simply played using the Wiimote and Nunchuk as a normal controller, while also slightly moving your wrist from time to time to aim the cursor and pick up stars.

There was no flailing, moving about or any of that jazz. Just good old fashioned controller support, with the added benefit of your wrist-aim to accomplish more at once.

3-4-51111d ago

Not flailing like in an infomercial but just any movement at all really.

My fingers can move on the controls much faster and more fluidly than any motion controls and so I'd enjoy that play style much more, and I think a lot of other people would as well.

* I'd like to seem them not go the galaxy route and maybe even do something new, like a combination of all the 3D games.

XisThatKid1111d ago

Yo answer the title, I don't know.

gangsta_red1111d ago

I have to say...where do you go with Mario from Galaxy? It did everything right and was the perfect successor from 64 and Sunshine on GC.

remixx1161111d ago

My thoughts exactly, galaxy 2 was great but what's next??? Maybe galaxy 3???

The 10th Rider1111d ago

Sunshine galaxy...mixing water and fluud with gravity effects. Jk. Or am I...

Nevers0ft1111d ago

Ever since the birth of the Wii U I've been wondering why Super Mario Üniverse isn't a thing. It's a pun just waiting to happen.

ScorpiusX1111d ago

For me the simple fact that its Mario and no matter what age you are its the game that make you just want to play.

SmokingMonkey1111d ago




The Triple Jump.

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