Snake Rescues Hideo Kojima From Konami


"Here, obtained by Kotaku, is exclusive footage of Venom Snake breaking into Konami’s headquarters and extracting Metal Gear Solid designer Hideo Kojima from his office.

Just kidding. That’s side-op 112 (Intel Agent Extraction) from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. But also it’s a pretty good metaphor. You’re free now, Kojima. You’re free."

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FallenAngel19841163d ago

It'd be truly epic if you could actually play as Hideo Kojima in this game

twiggytree121163d ago

Agreed, that would be something special!

Doodleburger1163d ago

He put himself in as the bikini clad sniper. See, he's Japanese and has an extremely screwed up perception of himself and reality. True Story.

HannibalBarca1163d ago

I have seen you comment in a couple MGS articles and you do nothing but bad mouth Kojima, please do us fans a favor and leave....

slappy5081163d ago

When Kojima is gone Konami will be like: "Kojima? kojiiiima!"

N0TaB0T1163d ago

I loved this. So much.

About30Ninjas1163d ago

Kojima just leave Konami truth is they need you more than you need them f*** them, as great as MSG series is I would like to see him work on a new masterpiece

Doodleburger1163d ago

Jason over at kotaku has a HUGE hard on for Kojima, and takes every shot at Konami he can, usually making terrible articles and jokes in the process. He is the main reason I stopped visiting their site. Grow up and write about something interesting.

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